Talking to FSBOs: Reverse Psychology Secrets

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FSBOs are one of the hardest groups to market to, appeal to, talk to, and get listings from. They’re very resistant, as they’ve made up their mind that they don’t need the help of a Realtor to sell their home. They think they’ll get to keep the commission they would have paid. So when you market to them, you have to do it sort of “on the sly” but without a negative intent.

Reverse Psychology Tactics

You’ve heard the phrase “reverse psychology.” You’ve probably used this tactic on your children when you tell them NOT to do something, in the hopes that they will actually do it! But you might have noticed it only works for so long. That’s because you can’t be too obvious. 

Think about what your target market wants when you market to anyone. Put yourself in their shoes. You already know FSBOs want to get the highest price, without spending any money for help. Marketing and ads should reflect that – that you have free help for them, and that you want to be the “helpful real estate agent” who is willing to provide them with information to help them sell their home, WHETHER OR NOT they decide to list with you!

FSBOs Require Commitment

Does this sound like you are doing work without getting paid? Good! Because that puts you in a position of NOT being a pushy salesperson. And what you’re really doing is setting yourself up as an expert, someone who is there to help the seller in any way they can.

It won’t be easy, though. You have to show your commitment to get a listing from a FSBO. We even have a 4-step plan developed by a veteran agent who’s shared her system with us (CLICK HERE to read about it)

To show your commitment, let’s first get inside the mind of your typical FSBO – what are they thinking? What is it that they want?

What FSBOs Want

Whether you’re running a print or Facebook ad, talk about the pain points FSBOs have:

  • They know selling their home right is a lot of work
  • They don’t want to pay thousands of dollars in commission
  • They aren’t sure they know all the best ways to get the best price for their home
  • They’re afraid they won’t set the best price at the start

These are all things you have the answers to! You are the expert, after all. 


You’re ready to try the FSBO market. But you how do find them without driving from street to street looking for “For Sale by Owner” signs?

You can:

  •  Locate FSBO sales in the paper, getting the address, and pulling it from public records. 
  • Check county listings for delinquent property taxes. Those homes are often FSBO.
  • Search sites like Zillow, Craigslist, ForSaleByOwner, and others for FSBO listings.
  • Join local Facebook groups for FSBOs, home renovation sites, and even garage and yard sale groups.

Get Their Attention

So how do you use this knowledge about FSBOs to get their attention? The best way is usually to offer something free, and no-pressure. Show them that you’re willing to help them, without pushing them to use your services. We’ve even included some examples below that you can use in your business today to start opening conversations and attracting FSBO customers. (Our Service For Life! Marketing system also provides the free reports we mentioned, but you can also put together a free report on your own that serves the same purpose). 

Read this print ad below – you can modify for the free report YOU are offering (put together something similar). See how the ad focuses on THEIR (the FSBO seller’s) needs- and pain points.

Print Ad:

FREE Facebook Sample Posts:

Want to speak to the FSBOs who might be among your Facebook page’s friends and followers? Try these posts below (of course, edit for YOUR needs)- click this link to get a FREE template for the 28-Step Home Marketing Plan mentioned in them.


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Want a FREE letter example? 

Try using this letter when farming for FSBOs (we provide a large set of letters just like this in templates that auto-populate with YOUR information with our Service For Life! Marketing program. We also have the second letter in this sequence as part of that letter set included with your subscription).

What do YOU do when talking with FSBOs? We’d love to hear your tips and thoughts- leave us a comment below!

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