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How to Generate 86 New Transactions Every Year
By Terri Murphy, - Posted on
86-50-1 System: 86 Real Estate Referrals a Year in an Hour a Day
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Have you ever had a friend, relative, or past client list their home with another agent? Why didn’t they call you? Seeing another agent’s sign in your past client’s or friend’s front yard can be bone-crushing!  The truth is, most agents don’t deploy a consistent system of staying front of mind among friends and neighbors. Most sales professionals don’t like to prospect, even though they …
Endless Clients System #3 – Referral Programming
By Craig Forte, Founder - Posted on
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  Do you know the most effective time to “program” your clients to refer other clients to you? Did you say it’s “during the transaction?” If so, then you’re 100% correct. Why is during the transaction the very best time to “program” your clients for referrals? Three reasons: First, during a transaction you have their undivided attention. Second, because it’s usually during the transaction they …