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Last Updated on September 24, 2021

This Summer has absolutely flown by… but not without a ton of Free Webinars to help you improve your business. My good friend Craig Grant and I have covered everything from lead generation, to event marketing, to Canva, to saving time, and more, but I know the last few months have been super busy and you might not have been able to catch all of them.

So, I thought it would be helpful to put all of this Summer’s workshops in one place, so you can catch up on anything you missed or go back and reference the webinars you’ve already attended.

Stay tuned this Fall for even more content, but without further ado…

Leads You Already Have You’re Not Thinking About – 6/21/2021

Are you looking to get more leads? What if I told you that you had a huge untapped list of leads, that won’t cost you a penny, sitting right under your nose? In this Free Workshop, Craig Grant and Alex Camelio will unveil exactly how you can tap this resource, and some easy and automated options to turn them from leads you didn’t know you had, into clients for life.

Generating Business with Event Marketing – 6/28/2021

Learn how something as simple as throwing a party, or having a fun get-together can be one of the best ways to generate new leads and earn repeat business with your sphere of influence.

Turning Reviews Into Contacts – 7/8/2021

These days, 93% of consumers make a purchase or a hiring decision based on a peer recommendation such as an online rating, review or recommendation. Join Alex Camelio and Craig Grant to find out how to get them and turn them into future business!

Automating Your Contacts and Follow Up – 7/15/2021

Experts say you should reach out to the contacts in your sphere monthly but doing so can be pretty cumbersome unless you know how to automate these actions. Join us for this free workshop to learn how to set things to autopilot and generate business.

Canva Features You Didn’t Know About – 8/9/2021

Canva is a robust tool with a wide set of features. Join Alex Camelio and Craig Grant as they cover some of their favorites you probably don’t know about, but definitely need to.

Canva: Creating a 5-Star Listing Presentation – 8/16/2021

A listing presentation can be an essential part of closing a Seller. In this workshop, Alex Camelio covers how you can use Canva to create 5-Star Listing Presentations along with all the supporting material.

Canva Branded Templates – 8/23/2021

One of the most efficient ways to use Canva is by implementing branded templates. Join Alex Camelio and Craig Grant as they take you through how to create and implement these templates as a real estate agent.

The Top 4 Time Saving Apps for Real Estate Agents – 9/13/2021

Alex Camelio and Craig Grant cover the top 4 apps Real Estate Agents can use to save time and add weeks and months back to their year.

Top 3 Browser Extensions – 9/20/2021

We all use our Web Browsers daily – so wouldn’t it be great if you could save hours by using the best add-ons? You’re in luck! In this Webinar, Alex Camelio and Craig Grant cover their Top 3 Browser Extensions that Real Estate Agents use to save time and money.

Multiply Your Sales without Chasing Leads – Register Today!

Your database or sphere of influence (SOI) is your greatest resource for future business and referrals. In this session, we’ll cover proven techniques, tools, and resources to help you increase your business by leveraging your existing client base.

Master Classes

If you like any of these free sessions, you’ll love the Master Class Workshops Craig Grant and I have been hosting monthly, which are aimed at helping real estate agents become fluent in the tools and strategies that build a 6-figure income. Replays are only available to those who have pre-registered, so make sure you watch your email and your Facebook feed for more information about our up-coming classes!

Have a Topic You’d Like Us to Cover?

Craig and I are passionate about helping agents build the best business possible, and that includes covering topics that you want to be coached and educated on. If you have a suggestion for a workshop, please make sure to leave it in the comments below!

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