Discover 12 Things For Shaking Off Your Sales Blues (and becoming a successful agent)

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Last Updated on September 20, 2017

DON’T WASTE YOUR SORROWS” is a proverb with a melancholy overtone. But it is full of wisdom.

How many times do things not work out?  

  • Seller calls you back and cancels the listing
  • The buyers’ financing does not go through
  • Your best friend’s friend, a neighbor or a past client just bought a home with another Realtor?!!?

Yes, it does happen and happens a lot.

Successful agents just accept things, sure they are disappointed but they accept and move on because they know it’s all part of the game … the Sales Game.

So the question is how do you just accept these events and move on? Here are twelve simple things that successful agents do to disperse the clouds of disappointment and you can too.



  1. Overcoming Disappointment.

Everyone experiences disappointment but successful agents handle it by understanding it is just a part of the success formula. They are even challenged by it. Failing agents get so let down that they allow the setback to reinforce their failure habit. They become so overwhelmed that they gradually reduce their proactive prospecting thereby guaranteeing their failure.

  1. Emotional Clarity.   

When successful agents fail to get their desired result, they don’t fret or reconsider their career options. Instead, they clarify the moment and simply make their next call. They have learned this great secret to success …  “It’s not what you do … it’s what you do next!” When failing agents fail they become emotionally involved and lose their clarity. They become perplexed and create a negative story that feeds an ongoing negative mindset.

  1. Assumptions.  

Successful agents go on a listing appointment assuming they will get it. Failing agents are hoping that all the stars are aligned. Assumptions are even more important than goals because they display an expectant mindset that buyers and sellers cue in on. Assumptions govern our verbal and nonverbal communication which is readily interpreted by clients as confidence or lack of it.

  1. Inner Strength.  

When successful agents fail to get the listing or the sale they learn from it as they review what happened and they simply strategize so that their next opportunity will achieve the desired result.  When failing agents lose a deal they often give up, or worse, they often justify their plan to leave the business.

  1. Choices.  

Successful agents deliberately choose to do the things they don’t want to do but know they should do. Failing agents are constantly wondering what to do while ultimately refusing to do what needs to be done.

  1. Focus.  

Successful agents have the learned ability to work their plan. They understand the numbers and create a strategy that causes them to keep up the pursuit. Failing agents, on the other hand, do not spend any time strategizing. They play the real estate lottery every day hoping they get lucky one more time. Hope is seldom a good strategy.

  1. Skill Routines.  

Successful agents are not always aware that they are following a well-honed routine. It has become a habit.  They are programmed to do certain activities and feel compelled to do so just like runners must run every day. Failing agents go with every new wind that blows hopping from one idea to another yet never completing anything often enough to develop the habit of success.

  1. Activity Scripts.

Successful agents have accumulated an endless supply of tactics that fit every situation they will encounter. They have well scripted dialogs, leading questions, stories, analogies, examples and practice them constantly to remain fluent in their use. They take nothing for granted. They are true professionals who understand the discipline of practice, drill and rehearse. Failing agents do little more than think that their picture with their dog on their website will do the trick.  

  1. Personal Growth.  

Successful agents have an insatiable appetite for personal growth. Failing agents place no value whatsoever in books, videos, webinars, newsletters, blogs, training and coaching.  

  1. Passion.

Successful agents are passionate about their career and generally enjoy the thrill of each day. Failing agents can’t wait for the day to end to alleviate the stress they are experiencing by deliberately choosing not to do the things they already know are essential to succeed.

  1. Unplugging

Successful agents Make the time AND take the time to be with family and friends to unwind, recharge and come back stronger. This is sacred time – nothing to do with business but about feeding their souls and those around them.

Unsuccessful agents carry their disappointments like a disease and spread to all around them

  1. Exercise and Recreation.

Successful agents make the time and take the time to exercise; be it hitting the gym, going for a swim or just a regular daily walk. The evidence is overwhelming as to the mental, physical and health benefits of exercise!

We all have a dark side and a bright side and do you know which one always comes out on top?

It is the one that we feed! … the one that we nourish survives.

Remember that We are always moving in the direction of our thoughts.

You need to create a peace of mind about where you are headed, focus on the truth about the future and take massive action NOW to get there.

Fear is not your native soil.

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Michael Krisa
Michael is a licensed real estate broker, a syndicated columnist and a freelance internet marketing consultant. As a sought after speaker and trainer, he is best known for helping to utilize video and video marketing in a way that actually works to make you money! As Executive Editor, Michael is very excited to bring his years of experience in real estate marketing to the team.
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16 thoughts on “Discover 12 Things For Shaking Off Your Sales Blues (and becoming a successful agent)”

  1. Michael,

    Outstanding article that I’ve shared with numerous associates. Full of truth. As a man thinketh…

    Thank you,


  2. Great reminder of the basics. We all fall into the trap and can use gentle reminders of what we need to be doing. Thanks!

    1. Debra they say Small hinges swing big doors … just like these basic practices, there is strength in the simplicity of it all.

      Thank you for commenting.

      All Good Wishes,

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