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Four Success Measures You Can’t Afford NOT to Know! (Part 2)
By Brenda Florida, - Posted on
Success Measures You Need to Know (Realtors)
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In part one of this series about success measures (You can read it by clicking this link) you learned that 58%* of your performance as an agent is determined by four skills:The 4 Success Measures/SkillsSelf-awareness (last week)Self-empowerment (last week)Other-awarenessSelf-empowerment plus Other- empowermentWe covered how to improve self-awareness and self-empowerment in part one, if you missed that, go read it now. They are the foundation to …
Create Your Ultimate Real Estate Lifestyle – Just 3 Simple Steps
By Michael Krisa, Executive Editor - Posted on
3 Steps to Real Estate Success
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When it comes to your real estate practice, and the lifestyle you enjoy because of the career path you’ve chosen, there’s really only 3 WAYS to generate revenue. I’m going to talk about these in this week’s video, and I’ve got a special offer for you that can help you have more fun in your real estate business, stop working so hard, and start working …
Overcoming Your Addiction to Rejection-‘No’ Doesn’t Mean Failure
By Cliff Baird, - Posted on
Rejection is something all real estate agents will face- how do you deal?
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Getting your life in perspectiveThe metamorphosis of the real estate industry has evolved in such a way that it is now gridlocked with training courses and systems. For every problem, a new “course” or a new “system/app” has been developed.Seminars, blogs, websites and a plethora of social media materials have spawned another entire industry feeding like a parasite on the crisis of perpetual failure and …
Discover 12 Things For Shaking Off Your Sales Blues (and becoming a successful agent)
By Michael Krisa, Executive Editor - Posted on
12 Steps Program for Successful Real Estate Agents- Don't let the sales blues get you down!
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“DON’T WASTE YOUR SORROWS” is a proverb with a melancholy overtone. But it is full of wisdom.How many times do things not work out?  Seller calls you back and cancels the listingThe buyers’ financing does not go throughYour best friend’s friend, a neighbor or a past client just bought a home with another Realtor?!!?Yes, it does happen and happens a lot.Successful agents just accept things, …