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Last Updated on December 2, 2020

Even if you have your business plan done already – I’m making a very special offer below to the first 10 people who take me up on it – that I promise is unlike any value you’ve seen from me before!

Every year around this time, the top agents across the country start planning for their next successful year. This usually includes some financial planning, marketing outlines, and goal setting… and there is no shortage of methodologies or coaches sharing their tips to help you get this done. 

However, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be ready to adapt at any time and our business plan needs to be set up to do so as well. 

Let me ask: did you have to abandon or change some of your practices and plans this year? Did you feel ready to adapt?

We certainly had to make some changes this year, like the type of marketing we were doing, or even the kind of content we were putting out on Agent Inner Circle. However, we were successfully able to do so because we had effectively reviewed our previous successes and failures, and set up our goals accordingly. So when it came time to make changes, we had some bearing on where we needed to head instead of being tied to individual plans.

How To Review Your Year For Success

One of the biggest keys to our success is how we review the successes and failures from the previous year. This allows us to build a library of tools that we know are successful to deploy when needed.

I wrote about this topic last year so instead of reinventing the wheel, it’s worth a read – or even a refresh if you read it last year – before we go any further.

Success Targeting System

Once you’ve reviewed your previous year it’s time to figure out exactly how much money you want to make this year, and what it will take to do so. Once again, this is a topic that I’ve covered before and even offer an incredible worksheet download you can use to outline your goals and how to achieve them.

Building Your Marketing Plan

Last but certainly not least, once you’ve outlined all your goals, it’s time to figure out the details of exactly what marketing you need to put in place based on what’s been effective in the past. The nice part about this 3-part strategy is that if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to change what you’re doing, it’s as simple as readdressing your marketing outline instead of having to start from scratch. 

You may have noticed the trend but this is also something I’ve written about in the past and once again have a simple download or you can outline your marketing for the year to come.

My Personal Offer

Whether or not you use the planning strategies above, I still want to help you dial in your business plan for a year of success. There’s no “perfect” strategy for creating your yearly business plan – and plenty of coaches have templates that will do a great job for you, however, success often comes down to an effective review and some creative problem solving.

That’s why I’m offering a FREE 30 minute business planning review session for the FIRST 10 PEOPLE who take me up on the offer. I’ve spent my career reviewing plans for everything from startups to multi-million dollar organizations – maybe it’s time to let me help with yours. 

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