Why Discipline Is Love- For Yourself And Your Real Estate Career

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Why Discipline Equals Self-Love For You And Your Real Estate Career

Are you struggling to stay disciplined as a real estate agent? I won’t lie to you, friend, remaining disciplined is NOT easy. The majority of our struggle is wrapped up in the lie we’ve told ourselves that discipline is a bad word.

Childhood taught me that discipline is what happens when we do something wrong. For me, it forever associated the concept with negativity. To me, the word discipline has a stigma to it.

I think it’s time to break that mindset!

I want to tackle the negative vibe around the word discipline and show you how vital it is in loving yourself and growing your real estate business.

The reality is that without proper discipline as a kid, I would not be the person I am today. Furthermore, after watching a Will Smith video, I realized that self discipline does equal self love. The more disciplined you are the more you love yourself. He’s right! (Want to watch it?- click here.)


Self Discipline = Self Love

Let me show you how embracing discipline will bring freedom to your life and real estate business.

Parents who love their kids will discipline their kids. It’s a fact we can’t avoid because we know, without our direction, they will not reach their full potentials. That means-even if we have to make them do things that they don’t want to do in the moment.

I hate to break it to you realtors, but we are no different. If you want to achieve your desired level of growth you are going to have to stay disciplined.

This isn’t some crazy perfectionist manifesto. It’s a call to love yourself by doing the things necessary to reach your full potential as a real estate agent.


Figure out the barriers that are holding you back

Self-awareness is the key to success. I didn’t come up with that, but I’ll preach it all day long.

Allowing something to hold you back simply because you are not aware of it is a poor excuse for falling short of your goals. It is vital that you identify the barriers that are holding you back, and stay disciplined in doing the things necessary to break through them.

This is why I always pair clarity with consistency. Knowing really is half the battle. You can’t love yourself properly if you are not willing to discover the things that are hurting you and your real estate business.

Consistently making the right choices is the key to growth

“What in the world does salad dressing have to do with growing my real estate business?” Everything, my friend. Everything.

My personal weight loss journey has taught me that even the smallest compromise can stall success. Like putting too much salad dressing on a salad, a lack of consistency in your decision making can derail your progress and prevent you from reaching your goals. Learning how to make the right choices on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour, and minute-by-minute basis is the key to understanding why staying disciplined is loving yourself.

It’s important to know how even the smallest of decisions can have the greatest impact on your real estate business.

Stop indulging in bad decisions

Some of you might believe there is no harm in letting off the gas every now and then. You may even believe compromise is a healthy reward for consistency. Well, it’s not. It’s a recipe for mediocrity. Think about it this way: If self-love is consistently making the right choices in order to achieve your goals then why would occasionally making bad decisions be good for you?

Loving yourself is being willing to do what is necessary in order to grow your business. It’s making the phone calls you need to make. It’s putting in the work even when it’s inconvenient.

I understand that you may not even know where to start. Let me give you the resources to stay consistent and do even the difficult things well.

Discipline and consistency are the building blocks of your dreams

I was recently reminded of a Denzel Washington quote that states “Dreams without goals remain dreams.” How true is that!

You can’t achieve your dreams if you don’t have goals and you will never reach your goals without discipline and consistency. They are the sticky mortar that holds your dreams together. It’s easy to dream about the future and get excited by the success you would like to have in your real estate business.

Sadly, dreams are all those ideas will ever be if you don’t follow up on them. Don’t just start something out of excitement and give it up out of a lack of discipline. Be an uncommon agent and follow through with your ideas!

Opportunities flow out of the freedom that discipline creates

Whether we like it or not, discipline equals freedom because of the opportunities it creates. Money is such a great example of this. The more disciplined we are with our finances the more opportunities we have down the road.

If I save my money now and sacrifice what I want to do in the moment I’m going to reap the benefit of financial freedom later. The same is true for your real estate business. If you are disciplined in what you need to do and when you have to do it your whole world will open up with different opportunities.

You will be able to spend time doing what you want to do if you are focused on doing what needs to be done consistently.

Your real estate success does not require motivation

Ok, I get that downplaying the role of motivation in your real estate success can be confusing. Let me ask you a question though: How often do you feel motivated? Seriously. How often do you allow motivation to determine your workflow and what would your business look like if your success wasn’t determined by whether you felt motivated or not?

This is another key reason why discipline equals freedom. Discipline allows you to work hard long after the motivation to do so runs out. Imagine the amount of time you would save by being disciplined instead of trying to find things to keep you motivated. You can afford to let motivation run out, but you can’t afford to lose your discipline.

Find out what’s driving your real estate business

Have you ever fallen asleep on a long car trip? You doze off while Steve is driving and when you wake up he is sitting right next to you in the back seat. “Who’s driving this thing?!” Obviously someone is driving, but for that brief moment of terror and confusion you’re not sure if the next few moments will be your last. This example is silly, but it’s an unfortunate picture of the common real estate agent.

You HAVE to know what’s driving your business! Whether that’s taking self-inventory, getting some kind of coaching, or both, it is essential to know the factors contributing to your success. From there, it’s time to step on the gas and stay consistent in doing the things that will propel your business forward. Just don’t fall asleep at the wheel!

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