The Most Valuable Sales Secret You’ll Ever Learn

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Last Updated on June 11, 2019

Here’s a piece of valuable business wisdom: Regardless of what they say or what you think, people act primarily for their own self-serving reasons. It’s all about the BENEFITS.

That sounds like a shocking admission of a self-absorbent society, doesn’t it? Many who hear it snap back in disagreement, citing many examples of altruistic deeds.

But for 99.9% of all humans walking the earth – it’s true.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an ambitious real estate agent or a charitable volunteer; you are motivated to do things based on your desire for personal benefit. Even people who make charitable contributions do so because it makes them feel better. Makes them feel they are making a difference. Or perhaps they get their name on a plaque for everyone to see.

It’s A ‘Fact of Life’

This is actually good news for you, because knowing this little “fact of life” can change your level of success almost on the spot.

Here’s how…

If you want to sell a product or service…if you want to persuade people toward your viewpoint…if you want anything out of this world, you must tie your request or offer directly toward satisfying the desires and solving the problems of other people. That’s because people buy things for the selfish end-result benefits they will get by using the product or service.

So how can you take this simple little truth and turn it into multiplying your income in real estate? (See, I just got you interested, didn’t I?)

Use This Knowledge in Real Estate

It’s easy. Simply change the way you communicate. Train your mind to constantly think of how your communication (oral and written) will BENEFIT the person with whom you’re talking (or writing).

It requires you to step out of your own shoes, and into those of your prospects and clients, and deeply understand their problems and desires. And remember…

You Cannot Create a Desire or a Problem in Someone…

You Can Only AWAKEN One that Already Exists

To do this, you want to listen, and identify the emotional hot buttons they have. Then tie your product or services into credible ways you can solve their problem, or make their desire come about quickly and easily.

Would you like some examples that apply to real estate? I thought you would.

Example 1: Alarm System

Let’s say you’re showing a home with an alarm system to a client who values security. Don’t simply say, “This home has a 21 point perimeter alarm system with fire monitor and cell back-up.” You want to communicate the BENEFIT in a way they’ll understand.

You want to say, “This home has a state of the art alarm system, so you’ll feel safe when you’re husband is away and you’re home alone with the children.”

Example 2: The Social Butterflies

Here’s another one: Let’s say you’re showing a home to a couple you know value social interaction with others – such as parties, events and entertaining. If the home has a wonderful floor plan for entertaining with flowing patios and wonderful conversation spots, don’t just mention the amenities, make them come to life by giving your prospects a mental picture of how their friends will enjoy their home (and make them look respected) when entertaining.

Example 3: Promote Your Services

How about an example about your services…

If you’re promoting your real estate services to, say, a potential buyer, you want to say something like, “My platinum buyers program will perform an automatic computer search of the entire marketplace each day to give you the inside-track on the perfect home (before other buyers), at the most competitive price. Plus, I have over 17 ways to save you thousands when financing your next home.”

Do you see the difference with all these examples?

It’s not about the alarm system. It’s not about the computer search or the financing program or the flowing patios and conversational spaces. And it’s not about you or your computer search system. It’s about BENEFITS. It’s about their feelings. Their fears. Their desires and dreams – and how you can help.

Would you like to know a “short-cut” for training your mind to think this way?

Next time you mention any feature or service to someone – whether it’s the features of a home or your services – always answer the question (which is quietly being asked in your client’s minds)…

“What Will This DO For Them?”

Features (the alarm system, spacious patios, your computer search system, etc.) are what something IS.

Benefits are what something DOES.

People buy because of the perceived benefits they’ll get by using your product or service (what it does for them in terms of solving problems and fulfilling desires). Features are how they justify their purchase from a logical standpoint, after they’ve made the decision to buy.

Practice this little technique in your real estate business, and watch your conversion and closing rates (and your production!) take a huge leap forward.

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