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Last Updated on April 24, 2017

Agent Molly Schubert has generated lots of new clients from a simple yet powerful marketing technique.

She sends a monthly newsletter and includes a response mechanism with a unique phrase…”There’s So Much More To Serving You!

This simple phrase (and description) shows why she is unique and highlights how she goes above and beyond for her clients, and you can see an example below. When people read this section of her newsletter, they call her to get the names and numbers of all types of service providers.

Molly uses this technique in her newsletter, but you could use this idea in a postcard, on your website, in a letter, or any medium you use to regularly communicate with your clients, pipeline, SOI or even farm.

This strategy bonds clients and prospects to Molly and she receives a lot of extra business. When I asked Molly about this idea she said she gets calls all the time from her sphere asking for a plumber, painter, etc. all because of this little phrase she uses. Here are just a few examples:

  • A call in for someone to install a front door… resulted in a referral to help the caller’s daughter buy a home;
  • A call in for names of painters… resulted in a referral to sell a home last August for approximately $7,450 commission;
  • A call in for a chimney repairman… resulted in a referral to a buyer she is currently helping, and they also already referred their friends to her.

Here’s Molly’s description in her own words…

“If you have a list of ‘trusted’ service people that you use, now and then include something such as the following in your newsletter or mailings:
There’s So Much More to Serving You!
For us, being in the Real Estate business means way more than just helping someone sell or buy a house. For us—Dan and Molly—it is about being there anytime you and your family have a need or a question that we can help you answer. You might be in need of a handyman or a licensed contractor. Or perhaps you need names of painters, or an electrician, or a gardener. We can help. Maybe you’d like names of roofing companies. We can help. How about a great plumber? And we have names of trusted attorneys and financial advisors, a great chiropractor (who is also well versed on nutrition and over-all good health) and if your car breaks down–a great car-repair place!
Call us! Remember, we’re only a phone call away! <<Phone #>>
We do not just give out the list of names and phone numbers. We want people to call us. And they do! All the time. We even get people in our farm calling to see if we know how to get rid of pests in a home (not kids!), or bees. You want people to be calling you, because if you help them with these things, they’ll remember you.”

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