4 Steps to Finishing Strong in 2018: Set Yourself Up for Success Next Year

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Last Updated on November 21, 2018

Finishing Strong Means Starting Strong

Having a strong fourth quarter means having a banging first quarter! The truth is, most agents coast in fourth quarter. It’s like they get tired, get distracted by the holidays and wait for new inspiration for the coming year.

Don’t let that happen to you!

I’ve got four stellar steps to finishing strong in 2018 and being poised for the best 2019 ever. I’ll be honest with you. The best way to implement these four steps is to grab yourself an accountability partner or get a coach.


Step one: I call it, unlock your yearning.

Yearning? Who says that! What do you want so bad, you can taste it? These are the business and personal goals you have that light you up. You’ll get up early and excited, just like you did when you were a kid and it was “Field Trip Day.” Those are your yearnings.

The problem we often face is that we are trying to reach a goal that we don’t care that much about. Those are really hard to reach. They require massive amounts of self-discipline, which usually isn’t enough to make it. Think: fitness goals in January. Financial goals in April. You know the routine. You stick to your guns, for about… three weeks. Then, slowly everything fades back to how it was.

When you focus on something you yearn for your drive to accomplish the goal will carry you through those days you don’t feel like doing what it takes. You remind yourself of what you yearn for. Think of two business and two personal goals that you yearn for. Jot them down.

Step two: If only knowing what we yearn for was enough. Turn your critic around.

As soon as you start taking action towards, or even think about your yearning, your inner critic will light-up. It will tell you all the reasons you can’t. Or that you shouldn’t be dreaming so big. You know that voice, “Who do you think you are?” Here’s how I crush that. Turn it right around. “Who am I not to?” Or, “You’ll never sell ___ houses,” turns around to “I’ll definitely sell _____ houses.” Then, find reasons why it’s legitimately true. Jot those down.

Step three: Feelings.

Ugh. You knew it was coming. Yes, how we feel can totally derail every yearning and positive thought. You’ve experienced this. You wake up feeling blah and nothing gets done or goes right. What do we do about that? You have incredible resources and power. You are capable of changing how you feel. You’ve done it a 100x. A song you love comes on, you see a quote or watch a video that inspires you, and suddenly, you’re Tony Robbins on stage, unstoppable! It’s incredibly liberating to change our feeling states. But, that’s not all…

Step four: Actions.

Here’s the truth about action, it can help you or hurt you. We all do things to self-sabotage. That’s action. Not all action serves you. Here’s what you do, grab that list of four things you yearn for. Grab those thoughts you turned around. Watch that video or turn on that music so your feeling state is unstoppable! From this state of alignment with steps one through three, decide what action to take, and go do it. Don’t get thrown off if some things don’t produce the results you wanted. That’s part of the process. Every time you need to take action, take those steps, yearning + thoughts that serve you + a powerful feeling state, and then + action.

I’d love to hear how you used this process and hear what some of your yearnings are in the comments below.

The Agent Inner Circle Community is a great place to find your accountability partner- or a coach! You can join the Agent Inner Circle Facebook Group by clicking here.

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