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The Easy Way to Attract Your Ideal Client and REPEL the Wrong Ones

It’s no secret that video is a great way to get business.  People will not hire you unless they know, like, and trust you.  Video is a really easy way to accomplish this.

But there are secrets to making this work well.  Sadly a LOT of agents are doing it wrong, so let’s fix that!

Speak to the Client You Want

YouTube is the perfect platform for attracting your ideal client.  Think of it as your very own TV show.  Do you need to work with every single buyer and seller in your market?

No, of course not.  So why not make videos that speak to exactly the person you want to attract?

Let’s say you want to get listings and you enjoy working with empty nesters.  What would a couple that’s downsizing be interested in learning about?  Maybe whether or not a single story house is more energy efficient than a two story.  Or 5 great neighborhoods where the HOA mows the lawn for you.  Think of topics that would appeal specifically to that person.

Be Specific

If you like working with first time military buyers you can make videos talking about using your VA entitlement to buy a house, subdivisions within a half hour commute to the local army post or air force base, how to buy a house and have the monthly payment covered by your BAH.
You attract your ideal client by the content you put out. Simple!

By being yourself on camera you attract people with similar personalities.  I talk with my hands, I laugh a lot, I crack jokes, and I am kind of a goofball.  I’m competent and I talk with confidence on camera, but I don’t take myself too seriously.  My clients all tell me that they love that about me.

People who are very serious or introverted or negative will not call me because they won’t like my personality.  AND THAT’S GREAT!  Because we probably wouldn’t really enjoy working together.  If they don’t call me, it doesn’t hurt my feelings.  I don’t need everyone in the world to like me – just my ideal clients.

Now, how do we get them to know, like, and trust us?  We offer value and expect nothing in return.  This is the concept behind content marketing.  You give, give, give and ask for nothing back.  But because of the law of reciprocity you DO get something back – a lot!  Don’t analyze this to death.  Just trust me when I tell you this works.

Be Yourself

So make videos, smile, show your personality.  If you’re funny in real life be funny on camera!  If you’re serious, you can be serious but don’t be boring or a downer. Be happy and friendly but you don’t have to be a comedian.  At the end of the video you can offer them a free download on your web site that goes along with the video, or ask them to join a private FB group that’s all about offering them more value.  Do not ask for their business, just offer them something to help them.

Now if they have to enter their name and email address in order to get that freebie, that’s fine!  Because when you call them to follow up I guarantee they’ll usually say, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m talking to you!  I feel like I know you already.”  I get that a lot and I love those calls!  It’s super easy to convert those people into clients because they already know, like, and trust you.

So don’t be afraid to be yourself on camera.  When you attract clients with similar personalities, not only is it great to get the business but you enjoy working with those people too and will probably make some great friends in the process.

Ready to step up your YouTube game?  Download my free YouTube Success Checklist…Just go to www.YoutubeforAgents.com.

Also- want a list of questions to ask yourself to discover WHO your ideal client is? Check out this previous article from Agent Inner Circle- https://agentinnercircle.com/how-to-attract-the-perfect-real-estate-client/

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  1. Emily Guillen Avatar

    I love it, Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jack P. Avatar
    Jack P.

    Lot’s of good information.

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