“How I Sold a 7-Month FSBO In 32 Days” (Case Study)

I practice real estate in Pennsylvania and like most markets today it’s difficult to sell listings.  It usually takes months, or the price has to be reduced several times before someone comes forward and places an offer. I used to think the main problem was not enough qualified buyers.  That is a challenge, but homes are still being sold every day, so I knew something else was missing.  It wasn’t until I tried a dramatically different approach to how I did my listing promotions that I started to get more serious offers on my listings. I thought this marketing method was kind of “weird” at first.  I was skeptical if it would really work because it didn’t look like anything I’d ever seen other agents doing.  Lucky for me, that’s one reason why it worked. You can see my listing promotion, then watch the video below to learn more about how I sold a home in 32 days that had been sitting for 7-months as a FSBO…  


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    That was a very nice concept, there is a lot of intelligence in your work.

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