Creating the Perfect AI Prompt

Today, I want to dive into something you’ve probably heard a lot about lately: AI. While many of us are familiar with the concept, not everyone knows how to make the most of it, especially when it comes to crafting the perfect prompt for our real estate needs.

Think of AI as your new, super-talented assistant. This assistant is amazing at everything—from writing to strategizing—but just like any new hire, they need some guidance. You wouldn’t expect a brand-new assistant to nail everything perfectly without any training or clear instructions, right? It’s the same with AI. You need to show it the ropes, provide precise instructions, and refine your prompts over time to get the best results.

Let’s dive into how you can train your AI assistant to deliver top-notch content for your real estate business by crafting the perfect prompt. This is all about giving the right context, providing detailed instructions, showing examples and setting constraints. Ready to make your AI assistant work wonders? Let’s get started!

The Anatomy of a Perfect AI Prompt

To craft an effective AI prompt, ensure it includes the following elements:

  1. Context: Start by setting the stage. Provide background information that frames the task. For example, you can specify the role you want the AI to assume. This helps tailor the response to a specific perspective or expertise.
  2. Instructions: Clearly state what you need the AI to do. Be precise and detailed to avoid ambiguous results. These will generally be commands like Create, Build, Respond or other action verbs to direct the AI on what kind of output you’re looking for.
  3. Examples: Offer sample outputs to guide the AI in the right direction.
  4. Constraints: Define any limitations or specific requirements, such as length or compliance with certain laws.

Examples of Effective Prompts

Here are a few tailored examples for real estate agents which I’ve color coded to match the components above:

Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas

Prompt: Act as a Real Estate Agent and Marketing Expert to identify 20 blog post ideas a Realtor should make if they are trying to increase their SEO score for senior retirees and gated communities in Stuart, FL. Good blog posts include “The Ultimate Guide to Gated Communities for Seniors in Stuart, FL” and “Is Stuart, FL a Retirement Paradise?”. Then, Prioritize the list by the most important to create.

Why It Works: This prompt provides clear context, specifies the AI’s role, and includes examples to guide the output. It also asks for a prioritized list, adding value by sorting the ideas based on importance.

Creating a Marketing Plan

Prompt: Act as a Business Strategist and only use your knowledge of finances and business planning. Create an annual marketing plan for a seasoned real estate agent who is wanting to increase their market share in the senior retiree and gated communities in Stuart, FL. A good business plan will include… [include previous business plans or examples]

Why It Works: By defining the role and limiting the scope to finances and business planning, this prompt ensures the AI’s response is focused and relevant. The instruction to create an annual plan directs the AI to provide a comprehensive, long-term strategy.

Writing Property Descriptions

Prompt: Act as a Real Estate Agent and Marketing Expert. Factoring in Federal and California fair housing laws, write a property description for a 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3950 square foot home with a pool, split floor plan, new ac, new roof, large corner lot, lakefront views, plenty of upgrades, in the highly sought after Lake Tuscany subdivision in Stuart, Florida.

Why It Works: This prompt includes specific details about the property and highlights the need to comply with fair housing laws, ensuring the description is both accurate and legally sound.

Final Tips

Here are a few parting tips to get the most out of your AI assistant:

  • Be Specific: The more detailed your prompt, the better the AI can tailor its response. Don’t be afraid to dive into specifics.
  • Use Examples: Providing examples helps the AI understand the tone and format you’re looking for. Think of it as giving your assistant a model to follow.
  • Set Constraints: Clearly define any limitations, such as word count or compliance with regulations, to ensure the output meets your needs.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively harness AI to enhance your marketing efforts, streamline content creation, and ultimately, boost your business. Your AI assistant is ready and waiting to help — you just need to give it the right instructions. Happy prompting!

(Speaking of AI – we’ll be covering all the new AI Tools in our upcoming Canva Glow Up Master Class)

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