Are YOU an Uncommon Real Estate Agent? 6 Ways to Set Yourself Apart

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Uncommon Real Estate Agent- what do I mean by that?

I recently watched a video ((Click here if you want to watch it- https://youtu.be/tQBkZJ8msQU)) where Former NFL running back and analyst Merril Hoge joined Brandon Steiner on Project X to discuss “Brainwashed.” He tells the story of how Hall of Fame head coach Chuck Noll transformed him from a common player to an uncommon player.

After watching this I immediately thought how does this resonate with being a REALTOR?  


How to be a common agent…the ‘norm’

To me a common agent has no plan, no clarity, no systems. A common agent has no predictability in their business.  A common agent has no boundaries around their time – they will just respond to anything new in any moment. They will respond to a text or call when they are supposed to be with their family.  A common agent has no control over their money, and aren’t sure where it goes. They file for extensions with their taxes. They use the spring’s earnings to pay for last year’s taxes. A common agent has fears around success. They don’t want to grow as they are afraid they can’t handle the growth when it comes.  

Does any of this sound familiar? Would you say you are a common agent? And if so, how do we become uncommon real estate agents?  


First and foremost, like Merrill, you can’t do this alone. A coach will see your blind spots and help you get to a place that is uncommon.


Create a Plan

Beyond that I would focus on creating a plan for your business. Agents that I work with in my business have found great success in having a three-pillar plan.  The first pillar is about what you’re going to do to stay in contact with your sphere of influence. For me, it’s Service for Life! Newsletters and client appreciation events.


Pick a ‘Chase’

Next we look to a chase, which is either open houses, Facebook Advertising, online leads, or FSBO/expireds.  Pick one! Master your craft. Get coaching on how to excel in the chase that you pick.


Attract Business

Lastly, what are you going to do to attract business?  I suggest things like blogging, YouTube searchable videos, building a community Facebook group, start a podcast, or anything that makes you a media company that happens to sell real estate.

This is what I mean by getting a clear plan, that is congruent to you, so that you can stay consistent. If you need help with this, you should consider joining my six week bootcamps. To learn more, and to get a few of my email Templates FREE that I use to help you systematize your business click here. https://m.me/neilmathwegcoaching?ref=w3301321 (This will take you to Facebook messenger where our messenger chat will get you everything. Once you arrive in messenger click “get started”, and my helpful auto-bot will send you the templates)


Setting up Systems

The email templates are just one of the examples of ways to accomplish predictability. The goal here is to have systems for every step of the way. From how you conduct yourself at listing appointments, to how you explain the inspection process to the buyer, to how you navigate through the entire transaction. All of these become systems, and once you have them all dialed in you are going to make your business predictable which will make you a very uncommon agent.

Read more about systemizing your practice in a previously published article.


Time Management

Next is setting boundaries around YOUR special time. I take Sundays off for church and my family. I have for years. The thing is, this has not hindered my business or pushed people away. In fact, it’s done the opposite. When I let my client know (in our first meeting) that I am off on Sundays, they are surprised, but also respond with “Of course, that is great you do that. We respect you for having your priorities straight.” They don’t push me away, instead they respect me more. And as result, they refer me more. Do it, you will be blown away-but what it does to grow your business. It’s uncommon for sure!


Money Management

When it comes to money management, what I do to be uncommon is to actually have a profit and loss statement. I use QuickBooks Small Business App on my phone, it’s amazing. And it’s $10 a month! I allocate every expense as it comes in, and at the end of the month I have a beautiful detailed profit and loss statement.  Then my wife and I have monthly budget meetings to spend last months’ profit on paper, before the month begins. We tell every dollar where it’s going before the month begins. It’s a beautiful thing. And it’s very uncommon.

Agent Inner Circle has a guide that we provide to our 3-Steps Real Estate Success System members, and you can use it to start building your business plan. The last page contains systems to use to reach your goals- just focus on the first two pages and start your financial planning. Click here to download, for free! 

What else do you do that is common that is preventing you from getting results that you want? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below- AND, your solutions to “common” ways that help you to be an uncommon real estate agent.

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