A Business Resolution You Can Stick with in 2021

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Last Updated on January 7, 2021

It’s no secret that New Year’s Resolutions are hard to stick with… for most, their resolutions have usually fallen by the wayside before the month of January is over… actually according to the internet, they’re abandoned exactly on January 19th, also dubbed “Quitter’s Day”.

Why We Quit

Do you know the #1 reason for why we fail at sticking to our goals? We don’t choose things that fit easily into our existing routines, or we aspire to do something so lofty that it requires more planning and setup time than we even have to begin with. 

Being successful with your goals is all about keeping it simple – and following through of course. But if you want to avoid falling into the same traps that prevent a majority of people from achieving their resolutions each year, make sure you consider the following 3 things for every goal you set:

  1. Does this fit into my current situation?
  2. Can I get started with little to no setup?
  3. Will I be able to stay consistent with it?

How Agents Are Achieving Success

We’re hearing from all sorts of agents who’ve met their income goals for 2020, and across the board, the key to a successful year for them was staying consistent with the things they COULD control. As much as we all want to influence the market, consumers, or the economy – we just don’t. 

So, that’s why agents who continue to experience success year after year – no matter what the market is doing – are focused on building relationships, because that’s what produces multiple sales over the lifetime of a client, and continuously fuels referral business from each and every connection.

Making Your Resolution Stick

Staying consistent with your personal relationships, and making sure you’re not only top of mind – but completely connected with your past clients, friends, family and acquaintances as their trusted real estate expert, is paramount to reaching any income goal you’ve set this year. 

It’s easy to say that you’re going to “focus on past clients and referrals”, but actually doing that among all the other tasks you have from day to day, is an entirely different thing. As I mentioned before, whatever strategy you choose to generate more repeat business and referrals, it needs to be easy, quick and manageable in order for you to stick with it and see success from it. 

This is where I usually lose agents because they feel the need to develop their own unique ideas on how to stay in “close personal contact” with their Sphere. There’s NO NEED for you to reinvent the wheel though – using something that’s turn-key, and has already been proven to work puts you at a much greater advantage so you can get up and running faster, and see results (aka REFERRALS) from your efforts sooner!

Use What Works

One of the best ways I’ve seen agents stick to their resolutions year after year is with Service For Life!® Instead of taking time to come up with a brand new strategy, and giving themselves all the tasks that are consistently the reason resolutions fail, they use something that’s been tested in the market, and produces real clients and real commissions for thousands of agents. 

In just a small amount of time each month, Service For Life!® delivers something unlike anything you’ve probably used in your business before, and it produces results unlike anything that you’ve probably experienced as well. That’s because it’s actually a psychologically-designed relationship bonding tool that helps agents build connections, repeat business, and a referral pipeline that no other single marketing, advertising or personal interaction can produce.

More Repeats & Referrals in 2021

Without knowing anything about you or your business, I can tell you with 100% certainty that as an agent, the highest potential commission income lies within your past clients – it’s just a fact of the industry, and it’s a fact of sales. I know Service For Life!® can help you build the business you’re working towards in 2021, but don’t just take my word for it, listen to the success stories of 100’s of agents using the system.

I wish you the best in 2021 and truly hope you achieve all of your goals and then some!

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