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7 Things To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say: Calling Your Sphere
By Neil Mathweg, - Posted on
Call Your Sphere of Influence - What to Say When You Have Nothing to Say
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Our  contributor Neil Mathweg, trainer, coach and REALTOR- has some helpful tips this week about what to say when you call your sphere of influence, to help you grow that relationship and have something to talk about. And Executive Editor Michael Krisa has additional tips in the video below, so make sure to watch that too. You hear all the time; “stay in touch with …
The Secrets of Successful Word-of-Mouth Marketing
By Alanna Mejia, Content Director - Posted on
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Real estate is seen by many as a “feast or famine” kind of business. But talk to most top-producing agents, and they’ll tell you that most of their business comes from referrals and people they know. In other words, they aren’t out prospecting and cold-calling to make ends meet. Why isn’t this the case for every agent? The problem is that most agents don’t really …
A Million Dollar Lead Generation System
By Craig Forte, Founder - Posted on
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Submitted by TroyEllen, RELATOR® (Thanks Troy!) “This Lead Generation idea that has brought me millions in gross commissions. When I represent a buyer, once we go into escrow, I begin to get them excited about my ‘After Sales Program’ and tell about things like: How I will keep in touch with them, send them referrals of trade people they might need, monthly newsletters with valuable …