4 Tips from 40K Leads: How to Improve Your Website

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Last Updated on January 15, 2020

For the last 20 years, Real Estate agents have been using websites to generate leads. However, I can tell you first hand after driving 40K+ users from Facebook to agent websites last quarter alone, that a lot of websites out there aren’t optimized for lead capture.

So, what about you? Does your website pull in leads daily? weekly? …monthly?

Often, if you’re not generating leads from your website it’s because your lead forms and landing pages aren’t positioned to do so.

The content on your site is as important as the ad copy that brought them there in the first place. A poorly crafted landing page or a confusing lead form causes your audience to leave without submitting their information. Once they leave, they are likely gone forever. So, don’t let that happen to you!

To ensure your lead forms are optimized for prospect capture, make sure you’re doing these 4 things:

#1 – Add a headline and image to your landing page 

This is a great moment to tease or remind the prospect of exactly what they are getting by submitting their information. Keep in mind, people are motivated by what benefits them, so use that to your advantage.  You can get more info about building captivating headlines here.

#2 – Be concise with your forms

The more information you ask for, the less likely someone is to complete a form. Make your form brief, and only ask for the information that’s critical for you to begin your follow up. In most cases, name and email are the only required fields, with phone number as an optional input.

#3 – Qualify prospects with questions

Although most basic lead forms are set to capture name, email & phone number, a good lead form can also include one or two qualifying questions. You might want to collect information that helps you better understand your prospects’ buying/selling needs. Use this as an opportunity to qualify your prospect while further incentivizing them to submit their information.

EXAMPLE: “Would you like to receive my Free Report: 12 Questions to Ask BEFORE Hiring an Agent?”

TIP! It’s not recommended to use open-ended questions on your forms as they are less likely to be completed.  Stick to yes/no or multiple-choice questions with a limited number of options. If you’d like to introduce both buyer and seller content, do so as a multiple-choice question. 

EXAMPLE: Choose a Free Report: 

  1. 8 Secrets for Saving Thousands When Selling Your Home
  2. 4 Quick Ways to Buy a Home With Little Down
  3. 7 Common Mistakes Even the Most Savvy Investors Make

#4 – Don’t overlook the Thank You Page

A thank you page can have an impact on how your prospect engages with your content and your business after filling out your form. Here’s the great thing – you get to decide exactly how they interact next! By adding a specific call to action like “Browse Properties for Sale in your Neighborhood” with a link to your listing page, you can give the prospect the option to browse more content, or even contact you immediately.

It might seem trivial, but Thank You Pages can make a huge difference on the level of engagement a prospect has with you. Try to use every opportunity to put content in front of them.

“So, now I get the leads?”

In reality, there are two things that can cause your website to under-deliver. The amount of traffic you send to the site, and how well they convert (i.e. fill out your forms). These are conversion solutions, and if you’ve implemented everything above but your website still isn’t delivering leads, then it’s definitely time to look into traffic solutions. Maybe Alex will let me cover that next month!

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Chris Laberge
Chris Laberge is a social strategist and lead generation expert serving the Real Estate industry. As a digital advertising consultant, in the past Chris has helped agents grow their business by offering services that include social media coaching, web design, lead generation, follow up and nurture. Chris now dedicates the majority of his time to SavvyCard as their corporate ad buyer and content manager. Look for Chris lurking under any bridge Alex currently occupies.
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