10 Ways To Generate Quality Leads Using Just One Tool!

By Michael Krisa, Executive Editor - Posted on
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So before we get started, let’s begin by addressing all the elephants in the room:

  1. Print is dead
  2. Newsletters don’t work
  3. Elvis and Sasquatch have been sighted playing coffee houses across the mid-west

Now I can tell you with complete certainty that 1 & 2 are ABSOLUTELY false. As for 3 … well, being a banjo player I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff, so let’s just say anything is possible. 😊

The fact that I mentioned print and newsletters should give you a good clue as to what the “One Tool” I referenced in the headline is … Yes, it’s a newsletter!

WAIT … before you throw your hands in the air and tell me print-newsletters don’t work, they are ole-school, low tech etc., allow me to say this. YES they do work, and we have over 900 clients using them. Many of our members have been with us since our company Service For Life! first started almost 20 years ago.


A newsletter is a tool, and like any tool… If you know how to use it great things can happen.


Imagine a paint brush – in the right hands an array of colors, textures and emotions can be captured to create a masterpiece. In the wrong hands that same brush is a waste of paint.

Your newsletter is exactly the same thing. When constructed and used strategically, it is a powerful tool that will retain clients, keep you top of mind, generate referrals, grow your database AND Make You Money … PERIOD! In a previous article/video I covered what constitutes a great newsletter (and how to make money with it), here is the link so you can see for yourself.

I’m going to ask you to put aside any preconceived ideas you may have about newsletters because I know there an endless number of horror stories out there. Yes, if you are using a multi-colored, professionally-arranged glossy corporate creation I will whole-heartedly agree with you that you are indeed wasting both your time AND money.

BUT … if you have something that engages your readers with content they enjoy, looks like YOU took the time to personally make it, I promise you the results will surprise and amaze you … and we have  top-producing agents across the continent to prove it! Here’s that link again to the article/video I referenced.

As I mentioned in the headline there are 10 ways to use your newsletter to generate quality leads – the part I left out was … for little to no money.

Yes – aside from the cost to print, you can literally be generating leads for little to no money.


Here we go- the 10 Ways to Use Your Newsletter To Generate Leads:


  1. Mail – direct mail to your 20% Power Players – these are people you have already done business with, who you have a relationship with, who know, like and trust you.
  2. Mail – direct mail to a specific target of homes, a farm area that you are working on a regular basis
  3. Email – no cost to email an HTML version of your newsletter to your Power List – with Service For Life! this can be done in less than a minute!
  4. Post – to your website to help drive people there and use as a lead magnet
  5. Post – to Facebook and various social media networks – this is easily done using our platform
  6. Insert – into your info listing tubes that accompany your “For Sale” sign
  7. Insert – Pre-listing package/Buyer Qualifying package
  8. Insert – Local publications like your community newspaper to help you become a “household name” in your area
  9. Place – public areas like doctor/dentist offices, local shops, local mechanic – anywhere where you have a captive audience that is waiting on an appointment
  10. Hand Out – in person at open houses, door knocking, local event – instantly help to establish rapport and capture new leads

Those were 10 proven and tested methods that Our Clients have submitted to us that they swear by and I’m willing to wager, that they will work for you too.

Print is alive and well, newsletters “Do” capture leads, keep you top of mind, and generate new leads. Now it’s time for you to see for yourself.

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Michael Krisa
Michael is a licensed real estate broker, a syndicated columnist and a freelance internet marketing consultant. As a sought after speaker and trainer, he is best known for helping to utilize video and video marketing in a way that actually works to make you money! As Executive Editor, Michael is very excited to bring his years of experience in real estate marketing to the team.
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