Top 4 Videos of 2018- Don't Miss These!

The Top 4 Agent Inner Circle Videos Of 2018!

It’s hard to believe that another year is coming to a close … and what an exciting year it’s been!

Well this year, we here at Agent Inner Circle thought we would add to that excitement by creating a new yearly tradition … Wait For It …

The Top 4 Videos of 2018

OK so the title may not be that exciting, but the videos definitely are! If you’ve missed any one of these, you’re missing something that other agents found super useful- make sure to check them out.

To determine what the top 4 videos were we looked at 3 basic criteria:

  1. The overall number of views
  2. The amount of engagement
  3. The FUN Factor – how much fun I had creating that video

So based on those three things, let’s start our count down with Video number 4!


Video # 4 – How To Avoid The One Costly Promise Your Clients Will Never Forget!

I had to dig way back to when I first started in real estate (1989 to be exact) to my first listing presentation.

No it wasn’t on slate, and yes, it was before PowerPoint – but the mistakes agents were making back then are similar to what agents are doing today.

The mistake is making way more promises than you can hope or remember or possibly keep.

And do you know which promise will hurt you the most, which your clients will never forget?

Click the link above for the full article and corresponding video and I PROMISE you that you won’t make that mistake again!


Video #3 – These 4 Little Words Are Costing You $$$ Every Time Your Phone Rings!

We received a lot of emails and comments from this article and it had to do with your voicemail – that actual message your customers and clients hear when they call you.

Believe it or not, the phrasing that most agents use is almost identical and is NOT focused on your customer/client needs.

When you read this article (click the link for Video #3 above) and watch the corresponding video you’ll be amazed and chances are YOU are making the same mistake … but that will all change!


Video #2 – Today I Critique An Agent’s Video So You Can Get Better With Yours!

More and more agents are catching on to the power of video and also realizing that you can make pretty darn good video using nothing other than your smart phone.

Lily Ruggi of Keller Williams Complete Niagara Realty sent me one her videos asking me for a review.

I agreed under the condition that I would record the critique and make it available for our our Agent Inner Circle members to view.

Overall she did a great job, with a couple of classic mistakes that could be improved on.

If you’re planning on doing video or already doing it, take a moment to watch this critique and see how you can make YOUR videos even better!


Video #1 – 2018 Real Estate Tends – Competing With The Discount Brokerage

This one article/video was the undisputed winner with 3x the views of any other video we ran this year!

It was based upon one of the chapters in Stefan Swanepoel’s 2018 Trends Report – you guessed it, the one about discount brokerages.

We looked at a number of these emerging models to see what they were doing, and what sort of unique offering they were bringing to the market.

With over 3 billion in venture capital being invested into these emerging models, you better be aware of who they are and how you can compete!

On a side note … Join Us Thursday Dec 20th 1-2pm ET on our Agent Inner Circle Facebook page – Stefan Swanepoel will be my guest and we will be discussing the new 2019 Trends Report. Visit the Facebook link above, right now, and click “Get Reminder” so Facebook will remind you when it’s happening. Make sure to stay logged in to Facebook on Thursday so you don’t miss your chance to ask a question!

If you want to know what the future has in store for this industry, come with your questions because as I said, this will be a LIVE stream and we will be taking questions for Stefan live.

This link will take you directly to our Agent Inner Circle Facebook page for the LIVE Stream


4 responses to “The Top 4 Agent Inner Circle Videos Of 2018!”

  1. Darryl Harrison Avatar
    Darryl Harrison

    This is a great article that will give additional insight and information to the active agent.

    1. Michael Krisa Avatar
      Michael Krisa

      Thanks for the kind words Darryl – it’s comments like your that keep us going!

      All The Very Best For The New Year my friend!


  2. Tish Tischer Avatar

    Great information.!

    1. Michael Krisa Avatar
      Michael Krisa

      Glad you enjoyed it Tish – please feel free to share it with others in your office!
      All Good WIshes,

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