The Simple 3-Part Formula To Repeat and Referral Business

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Let me ask you something … when was the last time you went to McDonald’s?

Notice I didn’t ask you “if” you have ever been, I asked you “When” was the the last time you went?

In fact I would be willing to bet that you’ve been to many different McDonald’s locations, in and around your city/town, inside your state or province, perhaps even outside of the country.

And I can say this with relative confidence because according to Wikipedia:

“McDonald’s restaurants are found in 120 countries and territories around the world and serve 68 million customers each day. McDonald’s operates 36,899 restaurants worldwide …”

So what does any of this have to do with you and your real estate practice and generating repeat and referral business?


Hang in because I’m getting to that and it will be worth the wait … oh by the way, would you like fries with that?

McDonald’s never claims that their is food is the best. I don’t think I’ve even seen any claims stating that their food is even any good! So how is that a restaurant with mediocre food has become the largest fast food restaurant in the world built upon so many repeat customers?

The answer is three simple things … McDonald’s is masterful at providing:

  1. consistent product,
  2. a consistent user experience and
  3. has tested systems in place to deliver them – end of story.

It doesn’t matter which location you go to or what part of the world you travel, when you walk through the doors of those golden arches the user experience and product will be consistent.

Like it or not, we are creatures of habit and resistant to change – and McDonald’s know this.

That’s why people keep going back. They know what they are going to get and what the experience will be each and every time.

McDonald’s does not do this by chance, each and every location follows time-tested systems procedures and checklists to ensure that consistency.

So let me ask you this … is the product/service and customer experience YOU provide to your customers consistent each and every time or do you sort of “wing it” and hope for the best?

When you do a great job for your clients they want to refer you – it’s called reciprocity. They want to repay the kindness that you shared with them.

As much as they want to refer you business, they need to know that the decision to refer you to friends/family or co-workers will not come back to haunt them. They need to have that assurance that the people they refer will have the same experience.

Free Checklist Download

So like McDonald’s, you need to start thinking about creating systems and checklists so that you too can deliver that consistent level of service and user experience each and every time.

Here is an example of a checklist that Bev MacLean; Broker at RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc. sent us for you to download and use it in your practice.

Client Intake Form

Client Intake Form

Bev says:

As soon as we have a new client, we set up a folder for them, and this form is on the inside of each client folder. My Client Care Coordinator initials each task once completed.  The small little red computer screen you see next to most of the items, means those tasks are all recorded in TP (our Top Producer Program).

Next time you find yourself boarding an aircraft, take a peek inside the cockpit. You’ll see that the pilot and copilot will be reviewing a thorough pre-flight checklist before that plane takes off.

Even though they may have thousands of hours of flight time, pilots will review the pre-flight checklist to ensure they get everything right.

Having systems and checklists in your real estate practice will help to do the same. It will keep you and all the members of your team on track and providing that same consistent level of service to you clients.

Remember the service(s) you provide + the user experience + systems = repeat and referral business.

For more examples of proven systems that make you money, please check out our Service For Life platform. It has helped thousands of agents just like you create a successful and consistent real estate practice.

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