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Farming Post Cards for Realtors

Using farming post cards is a great “on the cheap” way to infiltrate markets, and get business in the process because your cards ALL HAVE OFFERS! Either way, remember, you want to use a physical first-class postage stamp and use an astrobright or similar card stock.  

“What else do I need to know about making postcards work for me?”

Few agents really understand how to prospect effectively with farming post cards.  Post cards can be used with open houses, info tubes/boxes on your listed homes, and geographic farming. 

Here are a few tips to make your post cards WORK for you…  

  1. Your message is more important than graphics.  They should contain these elements required to motivate prospects to respond: Headline, benefits, a story, specific OFFER, call to action. Without an offer, they go straight in the trash. Read an earlier article from this year if you want to know more about creating a super offer: CLICK HERE.
  2. Use LONG copy.  Long copy pulls better than short copy – something the “experts” won’t tell you.  If you want results, stop listening to much of what traditional “experts”  will tell you.  Tell your complete story – it’s proven to work better.
  3. Use an astrobright color (yellow, green, etc.) with one side copy, the other side address and perhaps a benefit teaser:  “…Sold Home For Full Price In 13 Days!”
  4. You will save postage if you lay-out your post card as 4-up on an 8 ½ by 11” card stock.
  5. DO NOT use bulk rate postage.  Use a first-class 34 cent postcard stamp.
  6. DO NOT use labels.  Merge the names in your computer, and simply run the cards through your printer. Over time, you can have a database for the different areas you farm, and mail-merge at will – right off your computer.  And over time, many of your farming residents will become part of your client base, and inner circle network.
  7. Consider using a MULTI-SEQUENCE of farming post cards.  Heck, they’re so cheap to use, you can send out thousands, and still make money with your marketing…especially when you consider other business you should be getting from new clients, like referrals and word-of-mouth.
  8. You can also ask your printer to put your photo on each card – but remember to use a caption under your photo.  For example, a caption for farming a specific area could be “[area] property specialist”  Or, you could make an offer like, “Discover How My [area] Free Report Can Save You Thousands On Your Home Sale.”

  If you don’t think farming post cards can pay off for you, do the math:  

Let’s say you send out 1,000, 3-Step sequence post cards (don’t send a 1-Step card to begin with—and TEST FIRST on a small sample before spending a lot of money) to a farming area you’re working.   

Each card should cost you about 50 cents. So, your total cost is 1,000 X 3 = 3,000 cards X $.50 = $1500.  From that 3 step sequence, if you get just a 1% response, you’ll have 10 leads.  From those 10 you should get 1 to 3 clients.  If the average home is $150,000, with a 3% commission (co-broker), you can expect to make anywhere from $4,500 to $13,000 from that mailing (not including broker split).  Subtract your marketing costs, and you net anywhere from 3 to 9 times your investment on that mailing.  Is that a good return on your investment?   

But you gotta know what makes people respond!  That makes all the difference in the world – use these elements, then get out there and start testing offers to see what works best in your area!  


The strategy above is called the How To Make Money With Postcards™ System and it positions YOU as the premier area expert.

Action Steps

• Decide on a specific offer that people will want • Use a stamp and hand-address if possible (or use a handwriting font) • Test a farm area to see if you need to edit your message

Would you like templates for ready-to-send postcards? Click here…



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