How To Tap Into A Gold Mine Of Endless Quality Clients

Last Updated on April 7, 2017

Yet you don’t know who they are, or where they exist. They don’t know YOU exist. And they certainly don’t know that you are the very best choice to help with their real estate needs.

What if you could tap into a “gold vein” of clients, and harvest as many quality buyers and sellers as you could handle? I’m talking about loyal clients, who are bonded to you, and who qualify and close at the highest rates.

Life would be a whole lot easier, don’t you think?

Well, today I want to introduce you to a marketing strategy so powerful, so profitable, you may never need to do ANY other marketing for clients.

I’m serious. You are about to learn a system for creating explosive growth and income within weeks. It’s so powerful, I’ve had agents tell me they’ve made millions of dollars in GCI with this ONE strategy.

Pay attention here, because I’m going to share with you all the details about how you can harvest millions of dollars of business from creating “Strategic Alliances.”

What is A Strategic Alliance?

A Strategic Alliance is a relationship with a compatible (NOT competitive) product or service provider (for example, accountant, investment advisor, etc.) to create recommendations of your products or services to each other’s client base.

The power of a strategic alliance is in the TRUST both you and your alliance partner have already established with your respective clients.

Think about it…if you were to receive a letter from a trusted service provider (whom you know to be credible) endorsing the services of another company’s product or services, it would positively influence your perception of that business, right?

And if combined with a very valuable offer, it will clearly motivate you to at least try that service.

This is the basis of strategic alliances. It’s a fast and easy way to get new clients and build a million-dollar “house list” in no time flat! And the great thing is, it takes almost no time and very little money.

There are a number of ways strategic alliances can be used. In this article I’ll focus on the two most powerful alliances: “Host” and “Guest” joint ventures.

Here’s How To Create A Strategic

Alliance In 4 Easy Steps:

Strategic Alliance STEP #1:

First, identify all the compatible businesses you know who already have a relationship with clients that could be yours as well.

Ask yourself this question: “Who else in a compatible business has already established trust from a list of clients who could further benefit from my services or business?”

The secret is to find a service provider whose clients best match the markets you serve. And it’s important that they have a formal list of their client base – such as a database.

Compatible businesses could include:

  • An investment broker who has a client list he or she has built over the years;
  • An accountant who has dealt with home buyers in the past;
  • An appraiser, banker, architect, builder or other professional service provider to people whom you would like to be known by;
  • A home service provider, such as a landscaper, painter, plumber, pool maintenance, pest control, etc.

Once you have made a list of the potential service providers, you now need to approach one or more of them about your strategic alliance proposition.

Strategic Alliance STEP #2:

OK, once you’ve identified a series of businesses, it’s now time to approach them with your proposition. REMEMBER THIS: Any service provider should turn flips to work with you, because it will mean increased business for them as well.

Hopefully you and your alliance partner already know and trust each other, because that’s the key to endorsing each other’s services.

Would you like a letter to use that’s proven to bring you a barrage of interest from potential Strategic Alliance Partners? OK, try this (remember this is copyrighted to be used in your business ONLY)…


Strategic Alliance STEP #3:

At this point you probably have your partner’s interest. So now you need to create your special offer to each other’s customers/clients.

Here’s the secret: Make your offer appealing in the eyes of your client/customer, simple and easy to understand, and even easier to take advantage-of. Here’s a list of items you want to consider:

  • The offer will probably be in the form of a personalized letter from the endorser (other person) to his/her clients. It’s important to have a personalized letter. You can accomplish this by using your database and mail merge capabilities — it’s very easy.
  • Your offer must be SPECIAL and EXCLUSIVE to the clients/customers for whom it’s intended. And, it truly must be a special offer for them to even consider it.
  • Clearly explain the offer: A free trial, a free consultation, free report, free valuation, discount on your first purchase. Your offer must be strong enough for them to want to try it. And make it easy to understand.
  • Tell WHY you are making the offer. Give them the reasons why they’re so special, you’re making them a special offer. What circumstances have created this opportunity?
  • The offer must be LIMITED. That is, it must be a one time offer, or available for a limited time.
  • Your offer must be RISK-FREE for your clients to consider it. Therefore, it must contain an assurance of satisfaction.

Strategic Alliance STEP #4:

At this point, you need to create an easy and non-threatening response device. It could be a postage-paid response card, a special coupon or certificate, or a hotline or phone number for them to call. I also suggest you have some urgency attached to it, such as an expiration date.

Here’s a tip: Include a bonus or premium with your offer to motivate fast response—an additional gift or offer of value if they take advantage of the offer before your expiration date. Premiums work well, but the premium must have value as well as the main offer.

Strategic Alliance STEP #5:

Get ALL of the names on your database! Once you each start getting response to your respective offers, remember to follow-up. If you can, try to get every name of your partner’s client base in a database file for follow-up mailings. If you cannot, ALWAYS get the name, address, and phone of all people who inquired on your offer. The key to making the offer work is:

  • Deliver on your promise. Give them outstanding service and follow-through;
  • Start the conversion process: get them on your database and work the “prospect” to “client” to “advocate.” This is very important.
  • Cultivate them for a referral or repeat business. Even if they don’t do business with you right now, you need to keep the conversion process going!
  • Continue to provide value, even if they don’t buy. Get them on your newsletter list, send occasional article reprints, make future offers to them. Never let them go!

With a little practice, you’ll be creating strategic alliances and building your income and house list in no time. But don’t forget the conversion process. The only way to make the process work is with continual, personal contact; giving continued value; and motivating referrals and new/repeat business.


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