How 3 Agents Built Relationships & Generated Leads with a Simple Virtual Event

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Last Updated on November 11, 2020

Recently, we put out a kit to help agents host a digital Halloween party, and the feedback has been incredible. A note to those of you who hosted a party and invited me to your group – thank you! It was inspiring to watch your Facebook groups grow, and to see all of the meaningful interactions. Plus, the fur-baby costumes and pumpkin carving were a lot of fun too! 🙂 

What really impressed me though, is not just the number of agents who had success with this initiative, but that they were all able to adapt and improve on the kit provided by AIC, to make it a stand out event of their own that they plan to do year after year. So I wanted to do something a little different this week, and take time to interview a few of these agents and find out what worked really well for them, and what could be improved upon for next year.

Did you have success with your own Digital Halloween Event? Did you do something to improve upon it? Let us know in the comments below! 

Not Just For Halloween

Something that struck me from watching the groups, and these interviews, is that these agents plan on doing this again next year, and are also looking to adapt this same strategy to host other events throughout the year. Some that have already come to mind include holiday events, seasonal giveaways, and even client appreciation parties – all online.

This is good news for you if you missed the chance to try out the Halloween Kit yourself! Now you don’t have to wait until next Halloween to see all of the same benefits in your business. You can adapt this strategy to host digital events throughout the year, generating leads and building deep, lasting relationships with your clients, friends and family.

It gets even better! This strategy was so successful for our members that we’re going to be releasing additional versions of these virtual event kits for other holidays and seasonal events, so stay tuned or sign up below to get notified!

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  1. I changed the name from Salisbury’s Halloween Extravaganza to Salisbury’s Thanks-GIVING instead of starting a new group. I plan to change the name for Christmas as well. That way I’m continuing to build the group instead of starting over. For thanksgiving group, I am making donations to local charities on behalf of members of the group. I’m also giving away a large Thanksgiving basket to someone who answers the most daily trivia questions that I post. Those questions are related to Thanksgiving. This definitely has my wheels turning to get

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