Get New Listings by Rescuing Clients from the “FSBO Blues”

By Craig Forte, Founder - Posted on
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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“Go after FSBOS by offering to ‘rescue’ sellers from the ‘FSBO-Blues’. Treat the ‘ailment’ like a paramedic would treat any temporary illness. “Start with a list of symptoms: Extended market time, difficulty setting up appointments, expensive advertising, no-shows, low ball offers. If they are experiencing more than three of these, then they are definitely suffering from the ‘FSBO Blues’. “Once diagnosed, offer them your ‘Treatment Plan’. For extended market time, apply your marketing plan, and offer a ‘Prognosis’ of an estimated sale in 45 days. You can throw in a ‘booster shot’ of a complimentary virtual tour of their home. For low ball offers, apply a CMA. For difficulty setting up appointments, apply professional scheduling services using your 800-numbers and capable office staff. You get the idea. This approach his can also work well for ‘expireds’. “Taking a unique approach to FSBOS will get you noticed. It’s working for me!”

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Craig Forte
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