A Very Smart Buyer Prospecting System

Last Updated on April 24, 2017

Are you interested in generating buyers for your listings, or are you a buyer-agent looking for a unique prospecting system? Here’s a very interesting prospecting system used by Brian Short to sell nearly $5 Million – all to buyers – his first year (nice job, Brian!). Here’s how he does it…

“Although I’ve moved on to representing more sellers than buyers I am proud of my first year accomplishment of selling $5 million with only $280,000 of that in listings. Here is one of the things I used to do to churn up buyers, and the great thing is you don’t even need a listing.

Take the volume of money you can afford to spend each week and divide it by 20. This number will tell you how many listings you can work from. When a solid new listing comes out (typically works well in mid to high end neighborhoods) send out a letter to the neighbors of the listing that goes something like this:

Headline in bold: Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pick our neighbors?

Dear [name],

In the last week you might have noticed there is a new listing at 23104 E Broadway. We all like to have a say in who our next neighbor would be, so I’m writing to see if you know anyone who would like to live in this beautiful home.

If you know of someone, please urge them to preview this new listing on my web site (enter the URL) or give me a call at (your number). [Then I typically throw in a few other items in there which trigger the mother hen instinct. A link to the sheriff’s office website for sexual predators will always work.]

You end the letter with something like: Visitors to my web site will also find all the resources they might need to better understand the market and establish the value of any home prior to seeing it in person.”

Kind regards,

(your name, broker, etc.)

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