A Brilliant Example of Business Card Prospecting

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“Self promotion can sometimes be difficult, particularly on a budget. I have been in business for a while, and have become known for excellent customer service, especially after the sale. Fortunate for me, a little tool I had originally designed for that purpose has actually become quite a good self-promotion tool as well. The back of my business card is titled “Helpful Numbers”. The list runs long ways on the card, and includes the utility companies in the area, cable, tax office, voters registration, parks & rec., IRS, and Chamber of Commerce. A total of twelve helpful numbers, all of which folks may need when moving locally. The cards have been a big hit, and as I try to hand out at least a dozen NEW cards a day, I get a lot of calls I would not have gotten otherwise. They even work as great conversation starters or ice-breakers, as they actually give you a good reason to give someone your card. I have even developed a spiel that allows me to give out extra cards and encourage the receiver to pass them along. When standing in line at a store, or finishing up a meal, or even at the end of an oil change, I simply hand my server a card and say ‘thanks for your service, here’s a pretty handy card that can be of service to you any time you move – or anytime really. If I can provide you or your friends and family with the great service you provided me with, please give me a call. By the way, most folks are carrying my card in their wallet upside down so they can use it better, so please take an extra for your fridge, and take one for a friend too, they will thank you!’ Works like a charm, and has brought many a client my way! Simple to do too – but don’t forget to re-check your numbers each time you re-order your cards!”

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