Your 12-Month Marketing Plan for 2018

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If you’re wondering how you can stay on track with your marketing for next year, here’s a very simple way to create a marketing plan of action. It’s a 12-month planning calendar (on 1 piece of paper) that organizes your marketing activity by month and category. You can create a more detailed marketing plan if you like, but this will help you get started.  Plus, it’s a great “quick reference” for what steps you can take to grow your production. Take 30 minutes today to:

  1. Reflect on this past year — identify where your business came from in the last 12 months
  2. Download this 1-page template — fill in your best opportunities to get clients in the coming year
  3. Put your marketing plan in a place you’ll see each day as a reminder to follow-through

You can click the example image below to download a blank template:

(This idea was Submitted by Young Phan, REALTOR®)


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Alanna Mejia
Alanna Mejia has been an integral part of Agent Inner Circle for the past several years, supporting agents and managing content as well as maintaining web systems. Alanna's background includes working as a journalist for print and radio; as a copywriter for ad agencies; tech editor and designer for her own business, Red Scribe Consulting; and as marketing coordinator for various companies.
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8 thoughts on “Your 12-Month Marketing Plan for 2018”

    1. Hey Larry so often we overlook the simple for something shinny and new … even though it works.

      Merry Christmas and thanks for commenting.

      All Good Wishes,

  1. Your information was very informative, and you are right, Open House does work. And I like the group open house idea very much. Thank you for your good tips. I just got back into the business after being away with my husband’s job and looking forward in initiating your wonderful ideas. Thanks lots. AG

    1. Thank you Allison for taking the time to comment … AND … welcome back to the business!

      I wish you much success and am happy to know that what we offer is of continued value to you.

      All Good Wishes,

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