A Low-Cost Way To Boost Your Production In A Single Weekend

Last Updated on April 9, 2017

“The Spring Market can be a great time to get new buyer leads and pick up more listings.  Here’s a simple strategy I use every year to boost my production called the Yard Sale Bonanza!… I hold a yard sale for 200 to 500 homes, get to meet everyone in the community (plus visitors) and pick up immediate business.

Here’s how it works…

STEP 1: PICK a High-Potential Market

Your own neighborhood would be a good place to use this strategy, but don’t stop there…

The key to success with this strategy is to select an area where homes are priced to sell and where there’s already some activity…so if you get new listings from this strategy, they will close quickly.

This may be the area you live, or it may be somewhere else.  Sure, it might be easier for you to walk up to your own neighbors with this idea for a community yard sale, but you’re after new business not just a community get together!

Also, if you have listings you need to sell.  This is a great way to get traffic to that area and get your listings sold.

After you pick your market you need to…

STEP 2: CREATE Your Invitation Flyer In 5-Minutes

The flyer you create does not have to be fancy!  Simply type it out on a word document in LARGE font.  You can even put 2 invitations on one page.  Here’s a quick list of things to put on your flyer:

Yard Sale Bonanza!

WHERE:  [subdivision/area name]

  • Each homeowner will hold a yard sale on their own lawn or in their garage.

WHEN:  [Date & Time]

  • Pick a date to hold your community yard sale.  It’s best to pick a Saturday morning, and make sure it’s not a holiday or there’s not another event going on in the area at the same time — you want as many people there as possible.


  • Explain how this is a good way to do spring cleaning, make a few extra bucks, meet people in the community, get more visitors by having everyone do a yard sale on the same day, and how YOU (the helpful Realtor) will put up signs and ads for them to get people to their yard sale.


  • Have the homeowner contact YOU if they would like to participate because you need to create enough yard signs and point traffic to their house.
  • Explain why you are doing this (service to the community and to demonstrate your unique value as a specialist in the community).
  • Include your direct phone number.

Here’s an example flyer…

(click on the image to download a word document template)

 STEP 3: SEND Out The Invitations Or Hand Deliver To Build Your Network

You can mail or hand deliver the invitation flyers.  If you have time, it can be good to hand deliver them to meet neighbors, start building relationships, and get potential buyers and sellers leads!

If no one is home… stick the flyer on the door or gate along with your business card.

If a person is home… but can’t participate, invite them to join your real estate newsletter for that subdivision/area, using this script:

“I have an incredible consumer resource and I’d like to send it to you.  It’s my a fantastic newsletter with ways to save money, and live a happier, healthier life.  I do sometimes share market updates and recent home values, but most of the content is not only about real estate.  It costs me very little to send it to my friends, I can add anyone I like, or send it by email.  I send it out once a month and I’m getting my next issue ready now.  Would you like to receive it by mail or email?”

STEP 4: TAKE Calls From Neighbors And Start Building A Relationship

This is where the magic starts to happen.  Make sure you do these THREE things:

  1. Have people who call give you a short list of the categories of items they will have for sale so you know what to put in an ad you will run to get visitors to their yard sale.
  2. Get their best phone number to reach them in case you need to update them on anything with the event.
  3. Have them confirm their mailing address and ask if they want to be added to your monthly real estate newsletter using the script above.BIG TIP:  I don’t ask if they are considering buying or selling soon.  Why?  Because it will just turn them off.  I’m not selling anything, not asking them to do anything for me until a prove my value to them.  I want to start a relationship with these people so they can send me referrals for years, not just one deal today.  And if they ARE selling soon…who do you think they’ll contact?  Me, the neighborhood specialist who is demonstrating how I will work to get their property sold, or someone who is only interested making a sale and moving on to the next deal??

STEP 5: PREPARE For The Event To Maximize Your Success

The homeowners will take care of their actual yard sale, but there are 2 things YOU need to do:

#1 = Make Yard Sale Signs

I make my own yard sale signs to stick into the ground.  Just use the words “YARD SALE” in black letters on yellow posterboard.  Then nail the sign to a wooden stake.  Make some smaller ones for the people who will be holding yard sales.  And make larger “directional signs” with big arrows.

#2 = Post An Ad on Craiglist

Here are some pointers…

  • Example Headline:  Yard Sale Bonanza!  [Location]  –  [Date]
  • Description Ideas:  List out date, specific time, and list of items for sale, plus mention the main benefits for coming… see multiple yard sales in one place to save time and find great bargains!

Optional:  You can even put an ad in a local newspaper.  I’ve done it before, but you don’t have to if you’re on a tight budget, or if you don’t have a listing in the neighborhood to sell.

STEP 6: HOLD The Event To Become A Neighborhood Hero

The morning of the event, I put up the directional “YARD SALE” signs to point cars into the neighborhood.

IMPORTANT:  I then go to each participating house and give them a “YARD SALE” sign, along with 2 donuts and my business card stapled to the bag!  After greeting each homeowner, I wish them luck and ask them to let me know how it went after the event.

STEP 7: Follow-Up AFTER The Event For More Business

I got many phone calls after the event, people thanking me for the work!


The first year and every year is a total success!  I get new listings and make new connections that will be future clients.

In fact, when I first tried this, I got $12,000 in immediate business and grew my personal network by dozens of contacts in just one weekend.

I never spend much money, and I could even ask a lender or another agent to share the costs with me.  I know, you probably don’t want to split the leads with another agent, but if it helps you get it done, would you do it?  Thought so.

Here’s where most agents drop the ball…

If you did the strategy correctly you have a bunch of new contacts to follow-up with and deepen the relationship.  Make a follow-up call if the homeowner hasn’t already contacted you, then send something valuable (like a neighborhood home value update along with a newsletter) at least once month.

It’s smart to get your monthly newsletter mailing in place before you start this strategy…so you’re ready to offer people something valuable for people to join your database even if they aren’t able to participate in the Yard Sale Bonanza!

Do you think this could boost your production in just one weekend?

Better hurry before somebody else beats you to it.

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