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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

Post-closing referral programming begins with how you communicate you will still be around to provide service to your clients. That you are not going to disappear, moving on to the next deal. Here’s an easy way to give buyers a practical tool to tell their network about their new home.

After closing, agent Tami Monheiser puts a picture of her buyer’s home on the front of note cards and gives a stack to her client. This simple gesture provides a valuable service to her client that makes them feel obligated to reciprocate. You’ll also notice how the note cards include her contact information on the back (a smart way to get free advertising to people who will read the cards).

Here’s Tami’s description and you can click on the image to see her note cards as a pdf…

“This is a great closing gift I give to my buyers. I take a picture of their new home, have it printed onto the front of note cards with a saying on the bottom that says “The Smith family proudly announces their new address at 123 Anywhere Ave, Beautiful, WA, 12345”. The note cards are left blank on the inside for them to write their special note, and on the back side I have printed “Presented by Our Real Estate Professional Tami Monheiser 425-123-4567.” I have 50 of these printed in color and provide envelopes to match. They are shrink wrapped together with a pretty bow around to present at closing or shortly after. Every one of my clients has been so appreciative of this little gift and thankful that they now have new address cards to mail to all their friends and family. It’s a great closing gift and terrific way to market yourself for referrals to their friends and family.”

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