The Slight Edge Principle- How Just ONE THING Makes The Difference in Sales

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In this week’s video author, speaker, trainer Don Hutson shares something called the “Slight Edge Principle.”

The difference between winning the Olympic gold or standing defeated by the podium can be a mere fraction of a second; a slight edge one athlete had over the other.

The same is true in sales – two agents competing for the same deal but only one can win … and that difference could be ever so slight … a slight edge but enough to make the difference! The slight edge can be small things, almost insignificant. But when applied in concert over time, they can make all the difference.


Author Jeff Olsen penned the book “The Slight Edge” where he identifies seven principles that will make all the difference in your probability of success.

  1. Show Up: Be it at the gym, a listing presentation, the office or at your child’s soccer game, the mere fact of actually being there puts you ahead of 50% of your competition … the ones that never do or never will show up.
  2. Be Consistent: Keep trying, don’t give up because the math is on your side. Ultimately, if you persist the odds of success will be in your favor.

“If you are consistent with the boring and monotonous you will have success. The fact is most people will not stick with the difficult and thus never succeed.” -Jeff Olsen

  1. Have a Good Attitude: What you think about you bring about, so feed your mind with positive thoughts, read, listen to audio books, and surround yourself with people that motivate you to be better.
  2. Be Committed For A Long Period of Time: rarely does success happen in an instant, it’s a long haul game and like in a marathon, the gold goes to the one that endured and finally crossed the finish line.
  3. Have Faith and a Burning Desire: you can bet that there will be obstacles in your path but if success was easy everyone would be successful. Your faith and the desire to succeed is the fuel that will keep you going when times are tough.
  4. Be Willing To Pay The Price: this could be long hours of practice, sacrificing foods you love for the ones that make your body strong, reading books vs watching mind-numbing television. There is a price to be paid, be prepared to pay it … willingly!
  5. Practice Slight Edge Integrity: it’s doing what you said you would do even when no one is watching you.

“You can’t change  your destination overnight, but you CAN change your direction overnight.” — Jim Rohn

There are no short-cuts or magic pills you can swallow.

Success is at your fingertips but first you have to unclench your fists, stop waving them in anger at the heavens, and open yourself up to the truth that you are worthy of success.


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