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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“When is the best time to ask a new buyer for a referral (other than all the time!)? Before I discovered this “secret-best time”, I would have answered, “Right after they close.” I don’t think so anymore. The closing is when they have just signed the 30-yr. mortgage, been just been told what their monthly payments will be for the next 360 months, what will happen if they don’t stay current with their payments, what the taxes and insurance costs will be. It can be a sobering time for a lot of buyers. I have found the best time to get the best referrals is during the contract to closing period. This is when they are most excited about owning their property. It’s at a time when I am communicating frequently with my client the most, giving them advise and council to help them that will make their purchase easier, all the while I am assisting them in getting something they really want. I become their source of happiness and they want to help me in return.”

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