A Million Dollar Lead Generation System

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“This Lead Generation idea that has brought me millions in gross commissions. When I represent a buyer, once we go into escrow, I begin to get them excited about my ‘After Sales Program’ and tell about things like: How I will keep in touch with them, send them referrals of trade people they might need, monthly newsletters with valuable information, and my Client Appreciation Parties they will be invited to. “They love it, but the one I really am excited about it the ‘House Warming Party’ I am going to give them a few months after they move in to their new home. All expenses, food, invitations, RSVPs down to the very last detail will be provided by me. All they need to do is provide me with is their guest list of family and friends with the addresses and phone numbers.” “1) I send out the invitations. “2) Follow up with a call to the guest and make sure they got their invitations and get RSVPs. I tell them how excited my client is to be in their new home and how they would love to have them attend the celebration at their new home (It is always about my client). “3) When they arrive I take pictures of the families as they come in and then as the party goes on I get one of them with my client. I never wear my name badge or have any brochures out about me. I serve my client and make it all about them so they can have a great experience. My clients invariably take the floor and say how much they love their Real Estate agent what a great job I did, and refer me to all their friends. On the way out I give the guest a thank you gift for coming. “4) Send out thank you cards to the guest with their pictures in the card. “5) Follow up with a call to make sure they received their pictures, and then ask them if they have a real estate agent they currently refer to friends and family. If they say no, I say I would love to be that person and ask them if they would like to receive my newsletter and stay in touch with them. “They almost always say yes, that they loved the party, and thank me. Then I add them to my data base. I have received so much business from this and it has totally been a great way for me to build my business. It is less expensive than mass direct mailing and the guests all become warm contacts. Hope you find this useful and prosperous to your business.”

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