Send 9 Real Estate Letters, Get 2 Listings

Last Updated on April 24, 2017

“Every time I become aware of a FSBO, I in turn spend about 5 minutes preparing a short letter that is hand-written wishing them the best of luck with the sale of their home and then proceeding to let them know that if they decide a different route, that I am more than happy to help them. I am up-front, yet subtle in my approach. I offer to come to their home and do a brief evaluation of the property and give them tips “on the spot” of different options they have that may very likely increase the salability of their home. I include real testimonies of past clients that I have helped in this way. Of the first 9 letters I sent, I received 2 listings. Sellers told me that out of the stack of solicitations they received, mine stood out because it was handwritten and seemed genuine.”

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