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Last Updated on April 24, 2017

And visual proof is by far the most powerful.

That’s why you MUST create a “Success Book” if you want to win more listing presentations and dominate your competition.

What is a “Success Book”?

A Success Book is an actual notebook that you create which demonstrates your professionalism and your ability to get results for your client. Furthermore, it’s a compilation of all of your best present and past marketing efforts, your qualifications, first-hand accounts from your clients, and a pictorial essay showing why a client would do business with you over any other agent. Which is why you should consider making at least 6 copies of the book, bound in a notebook format. So, what will a “Success Book” do for your practice? Two things:
  • First, Your Success Book will separate you from all of the agents who have only a brochure and business card.  Cards and brochures don’t demonstrate your ability to “perform,” so they tend to get tossed out at the end of the day…
  • Second, Your Success Book is a living, breathing demonstration of your credibility.  Of the top 25 professions in America, real estate agents are rated in the bottom 5 when it comes to “professionalism.”  People are naturally skeptical.  Your Success Book will educate your prospects and clients on the unique difference of your service.
A Success Book has 6 sections, and to make it fast and easy to put yours together, I’ll give you a free guide showing exactly what needs to be in each section.

Click the image below to download your PDF guide:

How have agents used this Success Book strategy to get more listings? Here are a few ideas:
  1. Absolutely use it in every listing presentation.  Leave your book with listing prospects — there’s no way another agent will take that listing as long as that book is sitting on their kitchen or coffee table…
  2. Give it to FSBO’s when prospecting to “give them ideas on how to sell their own home.”   They may see the value of you selling it for them just by reviewing your Success Book…
  3. Always have a few copies present at your open houses.  If you meet a prospect who qualifies, give them a copy of your Success Book to review over the next few days.  Then, you can call them to follow-up.  At the least, it gives you a reason to contact them again.  At best, it will solidify a listing (or buyer)…
  4. Your book can be used for promoting you to the news media, builders, or just about any prospect.  How do you market your services without you being there?  By making certain the books are always circulating in the market!  That means you should also be giving them out to buyer prospects you meet so they have proof of your quality service.
One last piece thing… Finally, I’ve just shared one strategy from the 131 ready-to-use promotions that members of my 3-STEPS ULTIMATE™ Real Estate Success System get.  If you’re looking for a way to increase your production and keep it growing, get my free report on “How To Build The Ultimate Real Estate Business & Lifestyle” by clicking here.

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