If You Could Master One New Thing In Real Estate, What Would That Be?

By Michael Krisa, Executive Editor - Posted on
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Does drastically improving your business and life require a whole slew of changes, new business practices and maybe even some sort of complex plan? What if I told you that all it takes to significantly impact your business is to master “1 thing!”

Better yet, what if I told you that you got to pick that 1 thing to master? Guess what!? That’s how business works! (Hang with me here.)

Let’s say we’re talking about generating leads, or better yet referrals. There are a dozen ways to generate both and we could argue all day about which one is “best.” That’s the beautiful part here though, because at some level they all work, especially if you master that ONE system.

What’s Mastery, though?

Mastery doesn’t have to be a big global idea, because some of the greatest breakthroughs are made with the simplest ideas and systems. Some of the biggest impacts we’ve seen agents have in their business is when they pick 1 thing to master like social media OR video content OR direct mailers, and strive to master that 1 system in their business.

It’s like tossing a pebble across a still pond … and then watching the ripples grow and grow.


We’re Switching Things Up

Normally, this is where we’d give you some systems or ideas for things to master in your business. This week though, we’re switching things up a little bit and We Need YOUR Help!

Each and every week we here at AgentInnerCircle.com publish quality information that you can use in your real estate practice. We publish articles to hone your skills, help you make more money and be on the cutting edge of what’s new … heck – even to help make you a better person.

We research the trends, attend the events, interview the experts, and visit (and build) popular social media groups and forums. We think we have a pretty good feel of the real estate pulse and what’s important to you.

We constantly get emails, comments and texts from agents just like you with feedback and story ideas.

Well today, I thought we would do something different.

We Need YOUR Help

I’m personally asking you for your help on behalf of the 50,000+ members and growing. We want to hear from you!

If you could Master 1 and ONLY 1 of the following strategies you could use to drastically improve your business, which ONE would it be?

  • Mobile Video– Are you using this in your practice? It’s quick- it’s simple- and it might be the best way to build a personal connection with your clients and potential clients.
  • FB Ads – Facebook is ubiquitous, and marketers agree that FB ads are “where it’s at.” Do you use them? Would you like to?
  • Direct Mail/Postcards – Sometimes “old school” works best. Right now, mailboxes are relatively empty compared to what they used to be and can be a great way to stand out.
  • Print Ads – Ever tried a print ad? Is the larger price tag worth it? And what are the keys to doing it RIGHT?
  • Auto-Responders (TEXT and Messenger) – you’ve got these set up, right? Are you using them to make you money?
  • Drip Email CampaignsWhen someone gives you their email, are you using it effectively to generate business?

  • Open Housesthere’s a fallacy that open houses don’t work, but numbers suggest otherwise. What are the ways to make an open house work for you?

  • Cold Calling/Voicemails and scripts – being on the phone is something we’re used to in real estate – is it helpful to have a standard script? What scripts work?



NOTE: If you don’t find the 1 thing you want to master here, please fill out the form anyway AND leave a comment below. We really want to hear from you!

Why are we doing this?

The other day I hosted an interview with the master of trends Stefan Swanepoel and during our exchange someone submitted this question:

“How many sales does the average real estate do per year?”

Ready for the answer?

It was 7 … 7 sales/year!

If you are reading this post, subscribing to our emails, a member of our Agent Inner Circle community then you Can be do way better than 7.

So what are we doing this – simple – we want to give you every opportunity to be the best real estate agent you can possibly be AND be as successful as you ever dreamed.

It all starts where this article began … with mastery.

By sharing the results of our poll and then creating the content that you want, that you need we know that you can and will achieve mastery.

The AIC team is excited to hear from you because we want to use your feedback to build even more valuable content and in turn help you build your business!

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Michael Krisa
Michael is a licensed real estate broker, a syndicated columnist and a freelance internet marketing consultant. As a sought after speaker and trainer, he is best known for helping to utilize video and video marketing in a way that actually works to make you money! As Executive Editor, Michael is very excited to bring his years of experience in real estate marketing to the team.
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8 thoughts on “If You Could Master One New Thing In Real Estate, What Would That Be?”

    1. Good one Al – setting the expectations and how you do business is all defined with a great listing presentation.


      All Good Wishes,

  1. Being market expert so that I could provide truthful information with my client and then they could make educated/ well informed decision .

    1. Hey Abby – being the recognized authority in your niche is definitely a good thing to master!


  2. I ty was nice to be reminded that master ONE thing is always the most productive thing you can do.

    1. Ronald – sort of reminds me of the movie City Slickers when the old cowboy tells the younger ones that you need to find that one thing.

      Thanks for the comment.

      All Good Wishes,

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