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Last Updated on April 2, 2020

Think about your own life. We live in a world where people don’t take the time to recognize and appreciate each other.  It happens with our spouses…with our bosses…and even with our children.  It can be a lonely place out there… And yet recognizing special times in other’s lives is an incredibly valuable way to bond a deep relationship…to solidify a friendship for a long, long time. But only 2% of all agents get to experience the special bond that comes by recognizing important events in the lives of your Power List – because only 2% actually DO IT. So it’s no wonder why only 2% become the “cream of the crop” when it comes to harvesting non-stop clients, referrals, word of mouth and repeat business. Well…if you’re part of the 98% of agents who neglect recognizing their Power List…here’s an opportunity to change all that – and in the process capture lasting friendships, and an impenetrable market share for your business. Here are 3 simple systems you can use to truly capture a special relationship with your Power List…and make them forever bonded to you for repeat and referral business…

Life-Event Contact™ System #1: Unique Birthday Recognition

Have you ever received a nice birthday card from your insurance rep or another business you frequent? It made you feel pretty good, didn’t it? You have the very same opportunity to make others “feel good” during special events of their lives (hopefully you have the birthdays of your clients on your database). But I don’t want you to make the “mistake” many services make… Many service businesses recognize life events, like your birthday, but they compromise their effectiveness because they send something very generic or “canned” – like some computer-generated post card. And that defeats the purpose of recognizing someone as “special.” I want YOU to do something that’s very unique and PERSONAL to those you recognize – whether it’s a unique gift, or a way in which you express yourself. So the “empowering question” I want you to ask yourself (to stimulate your own creativity) is…

What Can I Send to My Clients that’s So Unique and Personal It Will Make Me Stand-Out in their Lives… AND Motivate Them to Talk About Me to Others?

One way is to make your contact personal. You could send a simple birthday card with a personal note…just a small statement of your acknowledgement of their birthday. Here’s sample language you can use to start the process. It doesn’t take long, and the impact will be HUGE with your clients…

“May your birthday bring you happiness, health, wonderful times, and many wishes come true in your life. It’s been a pleasure to know and serve you with your real estate needs. Warmest wishes on your special day…” [Your Name]

Here’s another great idea I got from one of our agents. Hopefully it’ll get your creative juices flowing. Our agent goes to a quality local bakery and negotiates a very special price on a beautiful birthday cake. After all, the agent is helping the bakery promote their business with this idea, so in many cases, they’re willing to make you a “deal.” Next, the agent sends out a nice card with the following certificate:

Don’t you think a gift like this will make a nice impression? Agents have told me that they’ve negotiated with bakeries to give the cake at cost or even free if the agent agrees to help promote the bakery. So the question I have for you is…what kind of special, personalized ideas can YOU come up with for your clients – and, in turn, stand-out among all other agents to make yourself a special friend?

Life-Event Contact™ System #2: Home Anniversary Gift

Very few agents recognize Home Purchase Anniversary Dates, yet it’s a great time to deepen your relationship with your Power List. It’s easy to track this for each client because you simply enter the closing date in your database right after a transaction. And for Power List members who haven’t been clients yet, you can get the closing dates of their home from local Tax Records at your Assessors office. Then, each year you “query” your database for the homes that were purchased during the month, and recognize the home transaction with a special offer. Here’s a sample letter you can use to send each year to your clients at their home anniversary date…and get more and more business (it’s OK to get a little “salesy” in this letter because a “home anniversary” is not as personal as a birthday):

Let me ask you one simple question about this “system”: How many agents do you know who would take the “initiative” to do something like this? I’ll tell you: Almost NONE. That’s why you should do it.  It’ll “position” you as a true professional and you’ll be first in line anytime your clients need to buy or sell – or think of anyone buying or selling. Want to be a “stand-out agent”?  Then do “stand-out” things. One final point: If you do a quick MLS search, you’ll notice that there will be an “average” length of time of homeownership in the areas you practice.  It may be 4 years, 5 years or 8 years. Once you learn that “average” time, you can sort through public records for homes coming up on that time, pull their names, and use THIS system as a way of intense farming. Try it, and you may have a highly effective and profitable prospecting system to use for years – and I’ll be no other agents in your area are doing it!

Life-Event Contact™ System #3: Tax-Helper™ System

Here’s a great system to really make a positive impact on your most recent clients. When a transaction is completed, most clients file away their closing statements and documents.  You can be of great service to them by sending a copy of their closing statement at the beginning of the next year – so they have it for their tax preparation. This way, you’ll save them time digging through their files looking for information for their accountant in preparing their taxes. On the next page is a sample of what you can say in your cover letter to your clients (enclose a copy of the client’s closing statement with this letter – AND don’t forget the “P.S.” in the letter):

Now…if you were a client of yours…wouldn’t this little gesture (sent around February of the year after you bought a home) make a positive impact on YOU? Of course it would.

Action Plan:

Are you starting to see how this little marketing system really differentiates you from every other agent out there? And when you “systemize” it, it becomes very EASY to manage in your practice. I’ve done the hard work.  I’ve given you the examples.  All you need to do is follow-through. How ’bout it?  Will you use these systems in your practice?…

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  1. I found this very helpful and timely. In fact i have a client’s 2nd anniversary purchase date coming up on May 10th so I’m going to utilize your suggestions.

  2. This is fantastic, I’ve been considering doing Birthdays but thanks for all the additional tools,
    I think that your information will make me a top agent in a short time.
    Thank You so much!!

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