Let Your Local Chamber Advertise For You

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

This idea submitted by agent Melody Pike explains how her local chamber of commerce sent out a spotlight article with her name and picture to all area residents… at no cost to her beyond the normal dues.

Here she is in her own words…

“Find out what it takes to become a chamber member and the benefits. In some smaller town’s chamber of commerce, if you become a new member they will do a spot light article on you in the monthly news print. Check with the chamber to see if they do this and ask if you could be of some help by writing the article about you and provide a photo. The chamber I became a member of loved the idea and gave me a larger spot with the photo in the middle of the article. It saved their staff time and allowed them to adjust the ad or space as needed. I ended up getting a great spot in the local chamber of commerce mailing that went to most of the area residents all for the price of the yearly chamber fees which I was going to do any way.”

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