How To Use Referral Seeds to Grow Rich

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Last Updated on April 24, 2017

Here’s a great example of how to use a unique postcard to get the word out and sell your listings fast…

Agent Mike Haywood creates a simple postcard to leverage his network and promote his listings.  But look carefully, there are THREE things he does differently than most agents, and ONE important referral programming technique he uses to maximize his results…

You’ll notice from his description and example that he, 1) Doesn’t send post cards to everyone, 2) Uses his close relationship with his ‘house list’ (sphere) to leverage his selling power, 3) Promotes the BENEFITS  of the listing (“quiet Cul-de-sac,” “perfect patio for entertaining,” and “stunning views”), and 4) Makes a specific request (“Who do you know”…that would like to buy this specific house) – this ONE element alone turns his post card into a conversation piece for the members of his sphere to spread the word to friends and family.  Asking for specific action is far more effective than asking the general question, “Who do you know that’s in the market to buy or sell a home?”

Here’s Mike’s description and a picture of his postcard below:

“As an agent who operates strictly from referral, I like to do a lot of marketing to a small sphere.  With every new listing I take I send out ‘Who do you know’ cards to everyone in my group.  Just a small 4 1/4 inch by 5 1/2 inch post card with some pictures and a brief description of the home and asking if they know of anyone who may be interested in it. This never fails to generate calls and many times I sell my listings right away.  The real benefit is that it plants a seed that when it comes time to sell we are going to call Mike because no one else markets this way and he will get our home seen.”

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