Agent Discovers Unique Way To Boost Referrals In December

Last Updated on April 24, 2017

Do you send holiday cards to your sphere?  There’s a big mistake you could be making causing your message to get lost in the “holiday clutter”…

Try this unique promotion as the end of the year approaches to maximize your income in December AND pave the way for a great first quarter.

This strategy is all about “client recognition and appreciation” (one of the cornerstone’s of my Service For Life!® personal marketing system).

Agent Nicole Nekolny sent in an idea that reminded me of a brilliant holiday marketing strategy.  And below her description I outline the steps to use this in your practice.  Think about how you could use this strategy this Fall to skyrocket your December production…

Here’s Nicole’s brief description:

“Throughout the year I keep a record of all the homes I list and sell.

As the holiday season approaches, I review my year and thank all of my friends, family and clients for their help in making my business successful.  I include all past clients as well.

This works great in the Fall…when things are seeming ‘ghost-townish’, I send out mailings and call anyone who might need my services.  It usually produces one or two new clients each year.  Well worth a few minutes of my time.”

Here’s the Step-by-Step Process To Use A
Bolster Your Income:

This may sound shocking, but… STOP sending out Christmas Cards to your sphere as the ONLY holiday contact you have with them.  These promotions simply get lost in the clutter with all the other holiday cards in December.

What’s far better is sending a special ‘Thanksgiving Card’ that makes your sphere (House List) feel appreciated and gives you a surge of new business to fuel your December production.  Here’s how it works…

Step 1:  Get a LIST of your clients

This could be your entire sphere-of-influence on your database (what I call your House List), or it could be your best clients who have sent you a referral or done a transaction in the past year.

Step 2:  Use a greeting card sized envelope

And make your mail look personal… hand address or use a handwriting font to mail-merge your clients name on the front of the envelope, try not to use mailing labels, and use a first-class postage stamp.  See my other mailing tips in this recent issue.


Step 3:  Send out a SPECIAL Thanksgiving Card

Don’t use a bland, ordinary card with pumpkins or fall leaves…use one that stands out and gets noticed.  Plus, have a heartfelt message inside that bonds clients to you through “client recognition and appreciation.”  Here’s an example funny thanksgiving card I found online…

Step 4:  Use an “Insert” to Make an OFFER

This is important:  You must have an offer in this promotion for it to bring you business.

What can your offer be?

Inside your greeting card include a piece of paper as an “insert”…

The OUTSIDE of the insert should say something like…


Please OPEN After You Finish
Displaying Your Thanksgiving Card

The curiosity gets the best of the recipient and they open the insert right away to find out what’s inside.

Then on the INSIDE of the insert, offer them:

  • A free home price analysis…
  • A free report on saving money with a home purchase…
  • A free invite to a foreclosure investing workshop…
  • A free subscription to your real estate newsletter

Final tips:  send your card out with a first class stamp, on the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

This way it arrives just in time for their holiday meal, where they could be talking with friends and family about potential buying or selling.

And follow up with a sequence of contacts…either with a personal phone call or another reminder mailing for your special offer.

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