How To Get Paid and Build Your Business In A Slow Market

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“When the market slows, I have three goals:  first, add more prospects to my database, second, practice my sales skills, and third, make money.  Here’s how I accomplish these and come out of hard times stronger than ever…

I follow these three steps in slow times to build my business:

Step 1:  Show Rental Properties I search the MLS and identify good rental properties to show.  I also start advertising rental properties on free websites or put cheap classified ads in the local paper. Here are two great (and free) places to post local ads for renters online: Here’s an example classified ad I use to pull in renters:

Renters!  Find your perfect place.  Free consumer report shows you how to negotiate your lease and save money. Call 24 hr. recorded msg 888-8888

Step 2:  Provide Excellent Service Even though I’d rather sell someone a home, with renters I want to build a life-long relationship for future business.  So, I take them through the same process as I would with buyers and provide just as excellent service to WOW them.  This really pays off in referrals as renters are around other people who are just like them—ready to find another place to rent or buy a home. Step 3:  Follow-Up After the Transaction After a renter signs their lease, they get added to my database and I follow-up with them throughout the year until they are ready to buy a home.  You can use regular post card mailings or a monthly newsletter for this since you know their exact address! Rentals usually pay anywhere from $200-$500 and I now have a prospective home buyer. I love it!  And these steps will help you too during this slow market.”

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