How Doing a Little “Fancy-Footwork” Pays Off Big!

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

When you take a listing, do you simply enter the home in MLS, throw up a sign and plan your next open house? Well, if you’re a smart agent like Nancy Layne, you do a lot more. Here Nancy describes how she creates more value for prospective buyers for her listings – and in the process she 1) Generates more buyers for her listings and services, gets to meet and know more people who can use her services (this is a relationship business), and is seen as a “unique professional” in the eyes of her listing clients. And she does it all very unassumingly by offering to help businesses promote their services. One added suggestion: If you do this, make sure you add every person and every business to your database for your “relationship nurturing program”. It’s a no-brainer way to build your database with people who know you in a positive light. Now, here’s Nancy’s description – short and sweet… “When I take a new listing, particularly in an area that’s new to me, I take a little time to visit local businesses. I like to choose a coffee shop, maybe a bakery and a hair shop, whatever’s nearby. I tell them I’ve just listed a home in the area, and explain that I put together a little “goodie bag” for prospective buyers, including information on the listing, a brochure, cd if I’ve made one, and coupons for area businesses. I ask for any discount coupons they have. If they don’t have a coupon, but are willing to give a discount, I’ll make up a coupon for them to approve. It helps the local economy, helps introduce prospects to the wonderful neighborhood, and helps the buyers to remember my listing!”

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