Horror Story: Short Sale Turns Agent Into Counselor

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

“I had a transaction a couple months ago with a first time home buyer. We originally went in $15,000 less than the asking price and they countered back at the full plus $2,000 more because we were asking for 100% financing and seller credits. We countered back and they accepted. Upon doing the walk through my client found out from the home inspector that the roof was going to last a couple years (his opinion) which I told the inspector he should not give his opinion since he is not an expert in that area. My client was stuck on how long the roof was going to last. On that same day of the inspection, one of the sellers came home and told my client that they would paint the house. This of course made my client happy. Surprised by the offer to paint, I inquired with the other agent who said, ‘NO WAY.’ She then asked the sellers and they denied saying they would paint. Eventually we got them to paint but they said they would only touch up the inside only. Furious my client wanted to cancel. We somehow got a price reduction for the roof since the sellers wanted to appease my client. We also got the sellers to paint the inside, which my client wasn’t too happy since he said ‘paint’ means the whole house inside and out. To add icing to the cake, this turned out to be a short sale with the bank dodging our calls. It did not end there, the sellers couldn’t find a place to stay and wanted to rent back the house for 2 weeks. My client agreed only through out the weekend. It turns out they didn’t leave till Tuesday which my client was about to call the police for trespassing. They finally got out but left all their big old furniture out in the curb for the city to pick up which wouldn’t be for 3 weeks. A huge pile sitting near the driveway (an eyesore). I was not only a Realtor, but a Counselor trying to calm my client down with his emotions after one thing and another. I spent every night trying to talk my client into NOT canceling but to try to work it out. From the roof it took me practically every day to keep the deal together. This experience was a roller coaster for my client AND for me as the agent.”

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