Get Four New Listings a Month With This FSBO “Back Door” Strategy

Last Updated on April 7, 2017

Today you’re going to learn a very shrewd, smart way to generate clients from FSBO’s – and they’re NOT listings! Check out how agent John Carle snares 3 to 4 solid buyers every month AND 1 or 2 listings to boot…

“In this tight market, FSBOs have become increasingly sophisticated and knowledgeable. The old tactics of, ‘I can get you more money’ and, ‘Are you sure you want to waste your weekends?’ are falling on deaf ears.

Why? Because sellers know as well as we do that it’s a load of BULL!

“I have my buyer’s agent call every FSBO in the market. (Ed. note: FSBOs can be called because they usually run ads, so an agent is really responding to a promotion – hence, you’re clear from the ‘no call’ lists.)

She explains to them that she’s NOT calling to list their home, that in fact she CAN’T list their home even if she wanted to (because she’s a buyer agent). She’s calling to see if they have bought their next home. If they haven’t she offers them her services, including instant home-matches, CMA’s on any property they take an interest in, etc.

She usually secures 3-4 solid buyers every month. Of those, at least two of them end up needing to sell their home in order to purchase. We (our agency) ends up with that listing because they suddenly become VERY motivated once they have a deadline to get their own home sold.

It’s an easy listing appointment every time.

“This approach is effective for several reasons. First, the FSBO isn’t expecting it. They only expect Realtors® to call them to try and get the listing. That’s what we’ve always done.

Second, it offers them something of value, something of value from their point of view. They know that finding a home through a Realtor doesn’t cost anything. It’s the seller that pays the commissions.

Because they’re receiving something of value from us first, it builds trust between us. That’s very useful when it comes time for the eventual listing appointment.

“There are critics. There always are. Sure, we don’t get EVERY listing. Sometimes they sell on their own. So what? She still gets the buyer end. That’s better than most agents get.”

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