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Last Updated on June 10, 2021

Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2021? It got me thinking about the last 6 months and then I realized that we’ve put out an incredible amount of content here on Agent Inner Circle – so much in fact, you may have missed a thing or two – or perhaps several of our Free Workshops!

So today, I wanted to take a moment to highlight all of the training sessions we’ve hosted in 2021 – for FREE – that you still have the opportunity to take advantage of right now. We’ve covered everything from video to social posting to designing marketing pieces and more, so if you’ve missed a few of these workshops, make sure you set aside some time to watch them soon!

First Things First!

If you haven’t joined the Agent Inner Circle Facebook Group yet, make sure you pop over quickly and request access. This is where we host all of our LIVE Workshops, so if you’re part of the scene you’ll be among the first to know about everything. Plus, when you join the group, you become integrated with a vast network of successful agents sharing ideas, resources and inspiration that you can use to better your own real estate business. 

2021 FREE Workshop Replay Reel

Now, let’s dive into the workshops and see if there’s anything that sparks your fancy! This year alone, we’ve already hosted 12 FREE AGENT WORKSHOPS, and you’ll find each one below with a description of what we covered, and the link to watch it now… or watch it again if you attended the live session and just want a refresher course!

Canva for Real Estate

Learn how to create one piece of content for your business in Canva from front to back. You’ll also get a template at the end to use!

Basic Photo Editing & Screenshot for Real Estate

Make your listing photos POP in just a few clicks of a mouse! Plus, we’ll cover a screenshot tool you can use to save time every day. 

How to Create Memes

You see them every day, but have you ever created a meme or modified one for your own social feed? In this workshop we’ll show you how to create memes for free, and go over the best practices for using them in your business and personal life.

Creating a Facebook Posting Calendar

Posting consistently on Facebook is hard! Before you know it your day gets busy and you forget to get something out. That’s why having a posting calendar is so important. Get the top secrets for creating a posting calendar and scheduling posts that truly get engagement.

Why Don’t My Posts Get Engagement?

Ever wonder why some of your posts get likes and shares, while others remind you of crickets chirping? Facebook uses a number of factors to curate all of the content within the newsfeed to maximize engagement. In this workshop we’ll cover what those factors are and how you can use them to your advantage to show up in more news feeds.

Optimizing YouTube Videos for Real Estate Agents

Make your YouTube videos stand out from the pack and generate more traffic with a few simple optimizations! 

Creating YouTube Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail images can tremendously help increase the amount of clicks and views your videos get. Learn how to easily create captivating YouTube thumbnail images for your real estate videos and YouTube channel… for free.

Create a Video Ad in Canva

Use Canva to easily create video ads that get engagement and convert into real leads! The best part – it’s all totally free to do!

7 Types of Top Performing Real Estate Videos

Discover the top 7 types of videos that outperform the rest, and how you can easily use them to your advantage. From short TikTok style videos, to longer YouTube content, we’ll cover exactly what’s engaging people out there so you can see the same results.

Video Gadgets & Gear

Producing video can become unnecessarily expensive! Trust us, we’ve spent plenty of money on gear and gadgets over the years. So, we wanted to share exactly what gear pays off and what you can save your money on.

A Free Google Tool You’re NOT Using To Save Time

You’ve heard of Google Search, Gmail and Maps but there’s a full suite of incredible – and free – tools Google provides that you’re probably not using. In this workshop, we’ll cover 1 of the tools both Alex Camelio and Craig Grant use in their business and personal lives to be successful every day.

3 Tricks to Deal with an Unruly Inbox

Tired of dealing with an overflowing inbox every day? Craig Grant and Alex Camelio will show you 3 simple tricks they use to make getting through your inbox a breeze. This one workshop will save you hours a week!

Multiply Your Sales without Chasing Leads

Your database or sphere of influence (SOI) is your greatest resource for future business and referrals. In this session, we’ll cover proven techniques, tools, and resources to help you increase your business by leveraging your existing client base.

Master Classes

If you like any of these free sessions, you’ll love the Master Class Workshops Craig Grant and I have been hosting monthly, which are aimed at helping real estate agents become fluent in the tools and strategies that build a 6-figure income. Replays are only available to those who have pre-registered, so make sure you watch your email and your Facebook feed for more information about our up-coming classes!

Have a Topic You’d Like Us to Cover?

Craig and I are passionate about helping agents build the best business possible, and that includes covering topics that you want to be coached and educated on. If you have a suggestion for a workshop, please make sure to leave it in the comments below!

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