How To Use Facebook Scheduled Posts To Save Hours, Get More Business

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Last Updated on April 24, 2017

You know Facebook can be a great place to connect with your friends and stay top-of-mind for referrals, plus convert more of your fans into new clients.  But there are 2 major problems I hear from busy real estate agents: Problem #1 – You don’t know what to say. As I shared in my real estate ebook about Facebook, you want to use this type of content on Facebook:
  • Friends – life events, inspirational quotes, funny stories, referral programming, and occasional offers for helpful information
  • Fans – real estate updates, stories of how you’ve helped others, client recognition, and your monthly real estate newsletter

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Problem #2 – You don’t have time to post something every day. Posting daily messages increases engagement with your friends and fans and can lead to more business. But who has time to babysit their computer, constantly checking Facebook? So, the question becomes — once you have the “content” part figured out — how do you automate posting these Facebook messages? Many agents have tried tools like Hootsuite which can schedule social media messages.  But this costs $10/month and sometimes Facebook doesn’t publish it on the newsfeed for a person to see (so it’s basically invisible to your fans).  And they also put a tag on the post showing it came from an automated system, which makes it look less personal and can turn people off. Good news!  Facebook now has a “scheduled post” system to automate your posts so they look personal, are posted directly to the newsfeed, and if used with the right messages… can stimulate referrals plus convert more fans into new real estate clients.

How To Schedule Posts On A Facebook Business Page

Note: This is for business pages (also called “fan pages”) only right now, although Facebook is expected to roll out a similar feature to use on your personal profile very soon. Before you start this step-by-step strategy, make sure you’re using Facebook as the administrator of your Fan Page, not your personal profile.

STEP 1: Write Out Your Post Just Like You Usually Do

Besides text, you can attach photos, add links or share YouTube videos. (For now, you can’t schedule an event announcement, a milestone, or a poll.) Here’s what this looks like…

STEP 2: Set The Time You Want Your Post Published

Click on the clock symbol (lower left corner of your post). This will allow you to add the year, month, day, and time that you want to publish the post (up to 6 months in the future). Then click the “Schedule” button.

STEP 3: Find and Edit Scheduled Posts

You won’t see what you have scheduled on your timeline yet.  If you want to preview your scheduled messages, or change the scheduled time, simply click the “Activity Log” option from the admin panel at the top of your page.  You then can see all of your scheduled posts. If you want to change the time, go the right side of a schedule post and click the “down arrow” to display these options: If you want to make changes to your post, you have to cancel the post and redo your message. Now that you know how to schedule posts, let’s move to the the final step in how this can save you time…

STEP 4: Minimize Time On Social Media With A Plan

Check Facebook each day:
  • SET a timer for 5 to 10 minutes of what I call “speed Facebook”…
  • SCROLL through your newsfeed on your personal profile, comment and like on Friend’s status updates…
  • SCHEDULE one or multiple posts to go out at night on your business page — when most people will read them… (Or, pick one a day week to schedule posts for the next 7 seven days.)
That’s it!  Follow this 4-step strategy to schedule posts and get more results from Facebook, in less time. Happy “scheduled” posting! If you want to get more referrals and repeat business from your past clients and friends on social media WITHOUT having to create fun and interesting content to post each day yourself… If you want people to share your Facebook messages and meet new people even while you’re busy practicing real estate… Then watch this short video to learn how to get pre-written “Status Updates” for Facebook that Program People to Send You Referrals, Lock-In Repeat Business, And Generate New Leads From Free Viral Marketing!…



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