How-To Do Facebook Live… Free Tutorial (Follow-up from last week)

Free video tutorial for Facebook LIVE

Last Updated on April 26, 2017

In a previous article (last week’s- click here to read) we talked about how you can leverage the power of Facebook by building Community pages. Today, we’d like to go a bit deeper with Facebook, by showing you how to do your own Facebook LIVE videos. Now before you say video is too hard, too expensive and anything else with a “too” in front of it allow me to say YES! Maybe in the Past…

YES, ONCE upon a time it was all those things and more … BUT not any longer. If you have a smart phone, a tablet or even a webcam you can now be easily producing the sort of videos that your potential customers will actually want to watch and share. I’ve got proof, in my video below:


Leverage a HUGE market with Facebook LIVE…for free

When I say “Potential Customers” – these are people who have yet to meet you but will get a feel, an impression, an experience of who you are by watching your videos. Which is why you need to be authentic. It is absolutely crucial. But, we’ll cover that in an upcoming article so, stay tuned.

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Best of all … while you are inside the Facebook app it’s as easy as pressing the little icon that says LIVE. Magically, as you look into your mobile device, your video is being shared on Facebook live for the world to see. No fancy equipment, to expensive gear or lighting – heck, not even any editing. Just you being real in live time.

According to Mediaix.com: It is estimated that by end of May 2017 Facebook will be averaging 16 BILLION video views/day! Your videos need to be in that stream, so you can position yourself as a trusted authority in your niche.

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