A Super-Successful FSBO Technique

I got this idea after reading Linda Fogarty’s FSBO technique (click here to see Linda’s idea from last issue). When I see a FSBO pop up, I call and tell them I have a client (usually my mom or a friend) that would like to see the house but is not comfortable viewing properties w/out their agent.

They always schedule an appt. and allow me to ‘tag along’ too. I let my ‘client’ ask questions and remain pretty quiet, only handing them my business card upon arrival. Usually they start asking me questions. One time, she did not ask me anything but called me a week later. After initial contact, I have done what Linda does: just follow up with them with little bits of information, friendly emails or phone calls.

Since reading Linda’s idea, I have listed three homes, one of which is in escrow now. It’s kind of a spin off of Linda’s and I would not have tried it if it weren’t for Linda sharing her idea. It really does work!

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