An Open House Strategy Worth Thousands

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Last Updated on April 7, 2017

Steve has figured out a way to make the most of every open house. It’s not about selling that property as much as it is about generating leads. That’s where he multiplies his productivity. When you follow Steve’s advice, be sure to put your name and contact information on anything you hand out. You can also use this opportunity to hand out any of your own “Special Reports.” “Here’s how I get solid contact information at an open house. In addition to having information on the home I am holding open, I also create a book (4 to a page) of similar listings in the same zip code. I keep this open next to my open house registration book. “When folks walk in, I ask them what type of home they are looking for. If the home I am showing is not the home for them (it rarely is) I let them know about the other homes in the area. They invariably want the listings. I tell them that I will be happy to email them the list and set up an auto search on my computer system that will email new listings that meet their criteria. All I request is their name and a valid email address. I promise not to give their email to anyone else, and not to pressure or hassle them. “I have been getting 90% good email addresses because the prospect wants what I am offering. My system allows me to see what the prospect is looking at. When I can, I preview the property and send a mini report. This low-key method can take 4 or 5 months to build a relationship. “In the past 5 months my wife and I have closed 4 deals totaling $1.5 million. We also have a ratified contract for another $500,000 home that came from cold open house contacts that developed from this approach.”

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