An Amazingly Effective Listing Prospecting System

Last Updated on April 7, 2017

This idea was submitted by an agent who prospects in high density areas, such as co-ops and condos. But it could work wonders in any area – especially if using direct mail. The idea effectively uses a “grabber” to call attention to it – and notice that the “grabber” ties well with the “hook” of the promotion. Make sure to make your offer very visible in your package – perhaps something with checked lines around it, so it’s easily seen by the recipient. Here’s his idea…

I’m an agent with Park Terrace Properties in NY. Certain areas of NY are cluttered with Co-ops and Condos. I’ve have had a lot of luck with getting listings in Co-ops and Condos with my clever and cheap marketing strategy.

In a regular business sizes envelope place a letter stating something about the current sales of Co-ops or Condos in the area and that you are offering a free market analysis. Also place your magnetic business card in the letter. The outside of the letter is simply stamped “Refrigerate After Opening”.

Then all you do is slide the envelope under everyone’s door. If you find an area that has a cluster of Co-ops or Condo’s, you can slide a few hundred every day. You are almost guaranteed a few immediate phone calls…or at the very least a few phone calls in the future because they kept your magnetic card on their fridge.

If you are not comfortable soliciting that way, you can also mail everyone the same envelopes, but you will obviously also incur the cost of postage.

Good Luck!

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