Stop Losing Your Real Estate Clients to Other Agents

8 Ways To Stop Losing Clients To Other Agents

Floyd Wickman is a well-known coach and career development pro in the real estate industry- he’s shared this article with us to help you to retain your real estate clients and build better relationships.

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8 Top Techniques to Retain Clients

Agent-client relationships are more important today than they have ever been in the history of real estate. The internet has brought about the mass sharing of information which means that our clients no longer have to beg, borrow, or steal to get what they want from us. Buyers and sellers expect and deserve a level of service higher than ever before.



I want to share with you eight techniques that will keep your buyers and sellers coming back again and again.

1. Provide personalized service:

Technology has replaced and automated many of the things we do. Assistants and virtual assistants do extra tasks for us. It is awful easy to lose the personal interaction with our real estate clients — don’t let it happen to you. Personal service always has been and always will be the heart and soul of our business.

2. You get by giving:

Don’t expect a client to be loyal to you and your brand if you are always demanding from them and giving nothing. Give to them first and set the stage for a great relationship. When you give enough, you ensure you get back what you need in your business and life.

3. Make your clients number one goal your number one goal:

Ask them, “What’s your number one goal in making this move? I ask because I want to make that my most important goal.” Your show of concern for what your clients want will knock out the competition who are often focused on what they believe to be most important and don’t care enough to ask.

4. Deliver more than you promise:

Today most people and businesses deliver less than they promise and we often accept that as standard practice. Choose to be different. At the minimum, do everything you promise to do — then think of one thing more and do that as well. In doing so, you will stand head and shoulders above your competition.

5. Prepare your clients for the worst, not the best:

When you prepare them for the best your reputation has no where to go but down. At best, they see you just delivering on your promise — at worst they view you as incompetent. When things take less time or less money than they were prepared for, your clients will be pleasantly surprised and your reputation will grow positively.

6. Call often:

Ring, ring. “Hello, Mr. Seller? This is _____. I was just calling just to thank you for being such a great client. Any new activity going on there that I didn’t know about? Any questions I can answer for you?  No? Well okay, let’s stay in touch and thanks once again.” Two minutes out of your day and your clients will remember you as an agent who cares.

7. Listen often:

God created the perfect machine when he gave us two ears and one mouth. Make a practice of listening twice as much as you speak. Clients have complaints and they want to be heard. “Why isn’t my house selling?” “What are you doing to help?” Quite often the ones complaining just want to be heard. If it stays bottled up inside them one day they will explode and you end up losing a client. Let them vent and don’t defend what you do. Just ensure them that you are on their side.

8. After the sale, never lose touch:

Statistically 89 percent of real estate clients would use their same realtor for repeat business but only 11 percent actually do. Why? Because they have short memories and lose touch with their agent. Make it easy for them to call you by mailing a post card once a month, calling them twice a year, and seeing them once a year. This is where an automated system can save you time AND show your clients that you care enough to stay in touch.

Employ each of these eight techniques and you’ll find success right around the corner. Good luck and remember we’re here if you need us! Visit my site anytime at: www.floydwickman.com

Reprinted by permission of Floyd Wickman

2 responses to “8 Ways To Stop Losing Clients To Other Agents”

  1. Cassandra H. Walton Avatar

    This is an excellent article. I will implement some of these things immediately and I know this will augment my business.

    Thank you.

    1. Michael Krisa Avatar
      Michael Krisa

      Hey Cassandra – Glad to hear that you will be implementing these!

      Please keep us posted and thanks for the comment!

      All Good Wishes,

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